BBC America CC PSA -- John Oliver?

Wow, how many acronyms can I pack into topic? Anyway, for those of you who watch BBC America, there are these silly bumpers that suggest using closed captioning. I’ve seen them on Murphy’s Law, MI-5, and Doctor Who reruns. The voice sounds very familiar, but I can’t tell if it’s one of those they-all-sound-alike-to-me things. Is that John Oliver, late of the Daily Show?

By the way, I know they’re printed on the screen, and know that it would be redundant and all, but I still find it amusing that the narration is not closed captioned.



Yes, the bumpers are both written and voiced by John Oliver. Cite.

Wow, with a cite and everything!!!


And I’ve just learned a new term–“bumper”. Thanks!

Late of TDS? You mean he’s not on it anymore? I haven’t been watching for the past month.

He was on The Daily Show Monday. In fact, he did a bit making fun of the idea of English being the official language.


Huh…I had no idea, but I did think it sounded familiar.

Well there you go, I’ve learned something new today!