BBC reporting a car bomb in London.

They say that the London police have defused the car bomb near Piccadilly . No real details yet.


The Beeb pronounced it to be a “potentially viable explosive device” :dubious:

It sounds now as if it was not as big as some media outlets (Sky News) were making out.

I just hope it isn’t only one of several devices.

BBC again (radio) saying the cops removed two green gas cylinders, of the “type used in home BBQ’s”. “Lots of nails on the car floor.” This could be nothing, or…?
It was a Merc and it’s been hauled away.

I wonder how the emergency response committee will operate, considering the transition of the Government.

My WAG based on initial reading is that it’s a rough’n’ready homebrew bomb.

There’s a chance it’s a political statement by Islamists to “welcome” the new Prime Minister, but there is also a Gay Pride march tomorrow in that part of London, and the type of device is similar to David Copeland’s bombs back in 1999.

OTOH, nails and patio gas are available in B&Q (and other hardware stores exist), it’s not completely unreasonable to imagine that someone might buy both and leave them in their car for longer than just the journey home.

The bomb was found outside of a nightclub. Source.

Thank God it wasn’t set off like the Bali nightclub bombings.

That’s kinda’ what I was thinking. What’s British for redneck?

At 2am in the morning… in central London… with a driver who legs it after crashing into some dustbins? :dubious:

Sure, on its own gas bottles and nails ain’t all that, but in context it certainly seems strange.

I’m not sure we have anything other than very regional approximate equivalents for the term.

Dunno - almost anything could be made to seem strange in the context of crashing a car into bins and scarpering.

for example:
A bag of money in the glovebox = organised criminal
half an ounce of weed in the drivers side door pocket = drug dealer
Childrens clothing on the back seat = Quick! catch the paedophile!

Heh! I wasn’t stating conclusions, just speculating that it might be some run of the mill incident that cops deal w/ all the time. That’s just as valid as speculation about terrorists.

Stolen car? Drunken driver not wishing to be IDed?

If some gas and nails are enough evidence for someone to be taken in as a bomber, I’d better let Dad know :stuck_out_tongue:

Is Chav british for redneck?

Chavs tend to be an urban/sub-urban species - redneck (to me at least) suggests rural types.

Chav is about as close as you’ll get though - or possibly “pikey”.

In Ireland (both sides of the border) the term “culchie” is used for those who come from the countryside, but I’m not sure if its more for farmers in general rather than someone who might drive around in orange muscle cars.

On the AM news shows they were saying that the bomb squad did deactivate a detonator.