London Car Bombs

So 2 car bombs were discovered in London and fortunately disarmed before they exploded.

They contained gas bottles, loads of litres of petrol and hundreds of nails, if they had exploded God only knows the carnage they would have caused.

The fact that they didn’t will give the police invaluable clues as to the identity and hopefully the arrest of the dipshits who planted them.

Unfortunately is it only a matter of time before bombs are detonated and innocents suffer, men , women and children of all faiths and nationalities.

I can’t get my head around the fact that somewhere out there a bunch of loonies want to maim and kill persons who have done them no harm at all.

I can’t get my head around the fact that someone could go through all the trouble to create a car bomb, then drive it in such a reckless manner that it immediately gets noticed!

From The Guardian:

I can only assume from this brazen stupidity that there really is a God who influences human events, and he or she really likes Earl Grey tea and cricket.

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A question, Chowder: How do you (collective ‘you’) feel about the video surveillance in London? Not that there’s any shortage of cameras here, but for the most part they are not operated by law enforcement. Should law enforcement suggest London-style surveillance, I don’t think Americans would stand for it.

So does a bunch of cans of gasoline really make that great a bomb? Even the gas cylinders would need some kind of brute force failure to get a big explosion.

I was under the impression that real car bombs used high explosives.

Exploding boat
24 oz of gas in a fire
Molotov cocktail
Gasoline explosion at 1000 fps
Sobe bottle of gas in a campfire
Gas station explosion

I think that the cameras are useful, but citizens should be vigilant against potential misuse.

The IRA used to use van loads of fertilizer. They were real terrorists, not like these idiots.

And against picking their noses or dressing like a carnival tart.

Reports say that there was over 60 liters of petrol. That combined with large calor gas cylinders and the nails could cause a hell of a lot of harm/damage.

The two cars were parked/situated close to each other (before one was towed away) if they had exploded with the figure given of 5-10 mins between each the carnage would have been terrible given that the cars were in the heart of Londons theatre land.

Johnny LA I can’t really comment of London CCTV cameras as I live in the North West about 250 miles from London. I’ll say, however, that I’m all in favour of CCTV if they help in catching or deterring criminals

Well, I was in that parking lot about a week ago - I go past it every day. And my office is about 1/4 mile from where the other bomb was found.

But I think their discovery is the best thing that could have happened (absent there being no terrorists around, which is unlikely), since there is going to be so much evidence revealed by the two cars that the active terrorist cell will almost certainly be busted apart. Much kudos to the ambulencemen, and to the police and bomb squad that defused the first device in situ.

I sincerely hope there are only two.

Oh FUCK. Spoke too soon.

Better than even odds that these two bozos who crashed into the airport were drunk or high or something; if they were terrorists they probably need to find a new occupation (aside from chipping rocks at a British prison).

I have spoken on more then a few occassions to people in the middle East who you would be more then glad to have as friends or neighbours ,good parents,intelligent ,apparently sane ,self deprecating sense of humour and then they’ll add a comment quite casually “of course its gods will that any western infidel deserves to die and its our duty as the faithful to kill you Brits and Americans who are occupying our country ,of course I’m not including you in that”(I think for politenesses sake )

I find it in my mind to be almost schizophrenic in nature .
Is it unique to their religion or culture?
Or what really frightens me is the question would all of our cultures and religions
cause us to be as inhuman if we were put into a similar situation ?
I’d like to think no,but its chilling to think that the answer might be yes.

The article describes the men as ‘two asian men’. That seems awfully vague. Tibetan terrorists? Falun Gong? Anyone know who these guys actually were?

The reason is quite simple ,the individual involved was most probably very nervous which would make his driving erratic anyway and there is a liklihood that he may have had some dutch courage before the event .
Many if not most British Muslims drink alcohol in my experience.

I believe “asian” in Britian is used to mean more Indian or central asian. So Pakistani is a possibility.

Most Americans have not experienced Irish terrorist scum detonating explosive devices in parks.pubs and shopping streets designed to (and succeding very often )to kill women ,children ,old people and other innocent civilians who couldn’t care less one way or the other about their so called cause, for several decades .

I think you’ll find if it comes to pass that Americans do have to experience this for themselves they 'll be more then happy to put up with increased CCTV surveillance.

I too find this confusing, and I’m a Brit. It’s specifically South Asian: Bangladesh, India, Pakistan (plus perhaps Sri Lanka thrown in).

Your impression as an ill informed civilian? or as someone trained in I.E.D.s and anti terrorism ?

You can make a very effective explosive device just from a hanging jerry can full of gasoline with the cap off,I dont know if in this case there was or was not an explosive trigger using a dedicated explosive (high or low )along the lines of Semtex,but you dont actually need one for the device to detonate.

Do you think that the security services are hyping this up?
If so why for gods sake ?
In recent years many Brits have died from terrorist acts ,we dont actually need a wake up call as to the dangers of terrorism .
I would however respectfully suggest that there are more then a few Americans who do need one .