Three new bombs in London subway.


Details still hazy - it seems that it was only the detanators that exploded, although tests are being done for chemical/biological weapons…

Scotland Yard is calling this a “serious incident” but are “not calling it a major incident yet”.


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I’m sure I’ve buggered up the quoting somehow!!
Anyway, the latest news reports are that there were some detonater bangs but no actual bombs.

Good luck all the same to our London posters. Keep sane!!

Despite the press latching onto the word “detonator”, detonators on their own don’t blow bus windows out.

I’m betting a truly idiotic copy-cat with pipe bombs. The BBC news reports one injury at Warren Street, which might with a bit of luck be the fuckwit who was carrying the device.

I really don’t think discussion of bombs belong in that forum.

Yeah, discussions of bombs belong in the Pit, GD, or Cafe Society.

I’m thinking idiotic copy-cat.

Did the IRA ever get this kind of coverage?

I live on Hackney Rd, five minutes walk from the junction where the bus is. Actually, I’ll be going up there later because that’s where the City Farm is - hopefully that’s not within the cordoned area. Not much is happening outside my window. About 100 police motorcycles went past about half an hour ago, but otherwise there’s just been the normal amount of sirens and helicopters.

(Divulging that much about my location doesn’t worry me - it’s a highly-populated road!)

Armed police are arresting someone in Whitehall. I’m guessing some nutter copycat.

I dunno, I’d imagine the original terrorist group must be pretty PO’d that they accomplished absolutely nothing major.

What were they expecting? The UK to immediately pull out of Iraq? To immediately invade another country? The British people to rise up and lynch Blair?

It’s been two weeks, while the response thus far seems admirably moderated and reasonable, the long term effects of the bombing on British and world politics is yet to be seen. And anyone patient enough to use sleeper suicide bombers probably knows that.

Armed policemen have taken a man into custody near Downing Street, says BBC.

Can i just say that i still love the fact that it’s necessary, when discussing British cops, to mention whether or not they are armed.

On the topic: one thing that made me think that this might not be just a copycat is that the explosions all occurred very close together (in time), in what appears to be a rather coordinated effort. That sort of thing takes some organization.

On the other hand, if it was the same group as two weeks ago, then surely they would again have used larger explosive devices.

Either way, i’m glad there has been only one injury reported so far. Stay safe, Londopers.

While I don’t sympathise with the terrorists I can see how it would be frustrating that the major response by Britain seems to have been “oh, come on, that’s the best you can do?”

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Well, it takes synchronising watches and consulting timetables.

It’s still early days, and the press is speculating its arse off, but from what I’ve being hearing on the radio it’s looking like we may have dodged a very nasty event through pure luck.

These were reportedly backpack bombs again. The previous bombs probably used acetone peroxide as the main charge, which is sensitive enough to be triggered without a proper detonator. You’d set it off with something like a homemade squib. It’s possible they messed up the batch for their main charges and only the squibs went off.

I’m speculating too. It’s hard not to.