Sky News Reports Central London "Incidents"

Warren Street, Oval and Shepherd’s Bush Tube stations evacuated, Sky says.

Crap. witnesses are reporting smoke in three separate underground stations. I’m praying this isn’t serious, but it’s sounding like another attack.

CNN report

PLEASE don’t let this be serious

Reuters: Nail bomb exploded at Warren Street.

Damn. BBC’s got it covered, too.

‘Incidents’ spark Tube evacuation

NBC reports gun shots heard at one of the stations. SHIT! :mad:

And an incident on a bus now too? What the hell is going on.

Shit. Not again. :mad:

I hope everyone in London is alright. I can’t believe this has happened again.

I think they said a bus was evacuated… hopefully just precautionary.

Mere speculation from thousands of miles away but, if this indeed turns out to be something, here’s hoping it just some small scale copycat incident intended to gain attention and not any coordinated, serious attack. Geez, you guys have been through enough.

It’s deja vu all over again. :eek: Two weeks to the day!

Damn, Londopers. Stay safe and check in when you can.

London Underground is shutting down, Sky says.

Fuck. I can’t handle this.

Now BBC reporting dummy explosions using detonators only. Real nice sense of humor someone has there…

“Dummy” explosions?? Early for speculation, but I’ll wager just sloppy bombmaking–thank god! I sincerely hope that report is correct about the det going off, and nothing else.

Nail bombs are very, very ugly things–and designed to cause maximim grief against densely packed human targets–just as you would find on trains and buses.

I’m listening to BBC World Service, which my local NPR station is broadcasting in lieu of the normal programming. They’re saying witnesses are reporting hearing “small explosions” and seeing smoke, and there was another explosion on the upper deck of a bus when no passengers were on. Bus driver went up and found the windows blown out. They’re also reporting only one injury so far, and no deaths.

The BBC says it was detonators only. Tubes at Warren Street, Oval, Shepard’s Bush and a bus in Hackney.

Too bad no one managed to grab the guy at Oval, although if (as reported) an injury at Warren Street was the guy carrying the rucksack the bomb was in they should have some leads.

There were reports a short while ago about armed police entering a local College Hospital. They’ve kinda left that story though so I’m not sure how that is playing out.

Sorry, update to the bus story: there were passengers on the bus. There was a bang and once people cleared off the upper deck, they saw a black backpack had been left and some smoke was coming out. Explosion wasn’t even strong enough to shatter the windows, though, and no one was hurt.

An armed man’s just been arrested in Whitehall. Outside Downing Street.