"Be with Me in Waikiki"?

A year or two ago, a commercial came on that I really enjoyed. I’m not sure what it was advertising, although I vaguely remember it being a banking or insurance commercial. It was a twentysomething guy with a ukelele singing lyrics to the effect of “why oh why oh (something something) when you could be with me in Waikiki”.

I know the commercial comes off sounding hokey and bizarre, but it really was not. It was a nicely done commercial with a bit of a nostalgic feel. My question is (finally), “Is this a real song, and, if it is, who does it?”

Although, frankly, if anyone even knows the commercial I’m talking about, I’d be happy. The commercial aired several times (mostly on cable, I think), yet no one I have spoken to and no one on any other message boards seem to know what I was talking about. It didn’t seem to be a local commercial.

The lyric in question is, “Why oh why fly to Kauai when you can be with me in Waikiki?”, from a Citibank commercial I think. Can’t help you more than that though, I’m afraid.

Thanks, Peepthis. I googled the lyric you gave me and I got…a single hit. Although they did say it was for a Citibank commercial. I’m beginning to think this song is made up…oh well. Thanks again!

Okay, I regoogled, chopping off some of the words, and got this:


at least I’m not the only one with this problem!