I know what this product is and, basically, how it works. (Pretty good) My question is;
Is it good for you to digest stuff you normally wouldn’t? Aside from the extra calories, you’re digesting fiber. Fiber is good for your body, isn’t it?
Please, make no reference to the “hershey squirts” thread. :slight_smile:

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      • As I recall Beano inhibits the growth of bacteria that play a large part in gas production; it doesn’t prevent you from digesting anything. - MC

According to a LOT of places on the net it just don’t work.

So… we’re obviously not talking about the British kids comic, then?

There are other ways to combat the “speaking” foods like beans and such, for example, when I whip up some red beans and rice I mix in a teaspoon of baking soda while cooking the beans. It releases a lot of the chemicals that end up creating the “back talk”

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Beano is an enyzyme that is necessary to digest beans and probably some other foods. Many people produce the enyzyme in quantities insufficient for digestion of beans.
As far as fiber goes, there are many types. If you are thinking of the fiber as in grass or alfalfa, Beano won’t help.

For all you molecular biology fans, the enzyme is alpha-galactosidase.

Beans and corn contain stachyose, raffinose and verbacose, which are big sugars that no human can digest. Theoretically, the galactosidase breaks those bad boys down for ya.