How does Beano work? Does it?

I was just wondering how Beano, or any other product like it, works. It’s that stuff that is supposed to get rid of gas. Sounds like it would be harmful to you. Thanks.

It doesn’t work.

At least not for me that is…

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From the Beano website.

*Foods like broccoli, cabbage and beans are “famous” for causing gas because they contain complex sugars (oligosaccharides) which some people cannot easily digest. These sugars ferment in the large intestine causing gas and distress.

How does Beano work?
Beano, an alpha-galactosidase enzyme, helps break down the complex sugars found in these gassy foods into simple sugars that our bodies can comfortably digest.

Works for me.

Dave Barry wrote a hysterically funny article on it several years ago. The product had been brought to his attention by – of all people – a Supreme Court Justice. Yes, there were jokes about fluttering robes, etc. Unfortunately, the online sites I can find that have it appear to be violating copyright, so I’m not going to post the links. My suggestion would be for you to go buy every one of his books. You won’t be sorry.

Beano works on oligosaccharides in the same way that lactase works on lactose. In fact, lactase is a beta-galactosidase enzyme while Beano is the alpha-galactosidase enzyme. The enzymes break the bonds between the sugar molecules, thus “digesting” them. The bonds may “point” either up or down or alpha and beta. Like all enzymes, they are catalysts that speed up the reaction, allowing for many bonds to be broken in a short time.