Bearded Dopers rejoice - sign up for your fifteen inches of shame

You should speed along to Carson City, NV as fast as your whiskers will take you for the world beard championship*.

*Link shows alarming pictures of facial hair


With the tagline “15 inches of shame” I just had to look.

I have trouble keeping my stache trimmed, much less styling it.

That’s scary stuff. Impressive, but scary. How do these guys eat chili dogs?

I’m trying to think of a word for what I’m seeing here. It’s a very intense combination of funny and scary.

My goatee seems to fit into the ‘natural’ category. I’m still trying to find the technical name for what I have. Anyone know a good site for that? :stuck_out_tongue:

By the way, I’m glad I didn’t see what these giant beards looked like in the '80s. Can you imagine?

I guess we missed it this year, but we’re already trying to make plans to go to Berlin in 2005. The one thing I didn’t like about what I saw on the site is that the band playing before the festivities wasn’t ZZ Top. I mean, nobody else makes sense!

The ones that defy gravity are impressive

Ah well, the Germans won.