If the great server swap goes with out a hitch, I’m off on Sunday. But here I am, in the Big Apple, with no chance to see my beloved Vi-Queens (if they are deserving I will rid that pronunciation from my vocabulary) Sure…I could go to the ESPN zone and be crammed in with 8 gazillion others, craning my neck to see the monitor with the game and maybe catch a listen to what is happening, But hey! Why not experience some little neighborhood pub? I know in Minnepolis I could find a bar that caters to the fans of every team in the NFL, so I suspect the same here.

So in short: What little bar in Manhatten could a guy go to watch a couple teams from the black and blue division?

My neighborhood watering hole of choice with all the games is Sutton Place on 2nd Ave. at around 53rd Street. (Also nearby is Nessa at 51st and 2nd.)

If you see a shaved headed guy rooting for the Rams, that’d be me.