Beat Saber (VR game)

I’ve been wanting a VR setup for a while now, and finally bought a VR-capable computer and HTC Vive Pro headset and set up my “holodeck.” I’m hoping to use it to help me get into the habit of exercising (I’m pretty out of shape, so anything will be a help).

Anyway, “Beat Saber” has become my favorite game by far! It’s deceptively simple, but slicing away at those red and blue cubes with my lightsabers is a nice workout, great fun, and kind of a zen experience. I’m better at it than I thought I’d be, given that I’m not the most dexterity-blessed person around. I can get through all of the game’s 10 songs on Hard difficulty without too much trouble, which apparently isn’t something everybody can do. I’m kinda proud of myself!

Then I try Expert level, and all that pride goes away in seconds. :smiley:

Anyway, anybody else playing?

BTW, this game has completely spoiled me for Audioshield, which I liked before. There’s no comparison between hitting targets on the actual beat, rather than hitting them at random intervals while music plays in the background. If Audioshield would figure out how to sync up, it would be great.

This is one of the VR games that have caught my eye, and made me consider getting a HTC Vive. How are you finding the system requirements for Beat Saber and other games? My computer is a couple of years old, and the main thing stopping me from getting into VR is not wanting to buy both a new computer and the headset right now.

I can’t really say, unfortunately. I figured if I was going to do VR, I might as well get a machine that could deal with it easily, so everything has been running really smoothly so far. I don’t think Beat Saber has particularly rigorous requirements. Here’s a page I found showing some specs.

I don’t have a VR setup, but from watching videos of it, it appears that it’s moddable for people to develop their own levels to go with songs–saw someone doing “Gangham Style” where the boxes were set up so you pretty much had to do the dance to clear the level.

Yep, I have that one. It’s one of the better ones I’ve tried. So far, most of the custom mods haven’t been that good, IMO. The original designers had a real feel for rhythm, so the movements make logical sense. The modders (most of them, at least) not so much, so their levels are generally harder and not nearly as much fun. Even though I can clear all the original 10 songs on Hard, most of the mods I have to do on Normal.

I just got Beat Saber a couple of days ago. I think Windlands is still my favorite VR game, but Beat Saber is already a close second. If it had better songs it would be awesome. I’ve found where you can download seems like hundreds of custom songs, but even there I still haven’t found a lot of songs that I like. I guess the musical tastes of this 62 year old don’t match well with those of most gamers. And I agree that the rhythmic feel of most of the mods I’ve tried isn’t up to the quality of the built in songs.