Beauty And The Beast 80s TV show

So I was checking this out, wow this thing is like a proto Twilight.

Shit tons of flowery overblown language about yearning, and then the same about how much it hurts to repress the yearning. A 0% non-sexual romance which surprised me honestly, I know he is a humanoid lion or something but…hey come on if you yearn that much I’d do it(ok now I am imagining hairy she lion boobs…oh god what if there are eight of them?!).

But seriously a lot of show time is taken up by nothing basically, the two characters yearning. They live like a few minutes away from each other, I mean gimme a break!

The most interesting thing on the show which is not well explored is where the beast comes from, which is some kind of underground society. Its unclear exactly what the backstory is.

She seriously should have jumped Vincent!

The most romantic TV series ever, in my opinion. Vincent is part bad boy, part white knight. He’s a protector but there’s that undercurrent of danger. The only other TV male that comes close is David Boreanaz (sp?) on Angel.

As my grandma would say, I’m having a runaway just thinking about him.

There was a surprising amount of action, I believe-it just wasn’t the two leads pining for each other.

MTA: it’s weird how much Ron Perlman has been typecast over the years-I mean in this show he conclusively showed that he can demonstrate nuance, empathy, and other such subtle emotions. 25 years later and he invariably plays taciturn wisecracking tough guys-even in Hellboy he adhered much more closely to said qualities than he did to his character in B&TB, even in his scenes with Liz.

I seem to recall that the two leads did consummate their relationship and even conceived a baby. But it’s been years since I’ve seen the show, and if someone has evidence to the contrary, please let me know.

They did have a baby. Then Linda Hamilton left the show and they killed off her character. They tried to bring in a new lead actress, but she didn’t last long before the show was canceled.

Did Linda Hamilton return for the series finale? Did this show even have a proper finale where they beast returned to human form?

I really loved this show, but I was about the age then that Twilight fans are now. Guess I’ll stop making fun of Twilight.

I don’t think Hamilton came back, and I don’t recall him changing “back”. He was a mutation, not some guy under a spell.

I remember when it was first on. I tried watching the first episode, but gave up because I had just recently rewatched Cocteau’s La Belle et La Bete, which made it as romantic as two pet rocks in comparison.

Weren’t the “beasts” a “separate race”, if not a “separate species”? And I’m fairly certain Hamilton’s character died in the first episode of what was the final season, with the baby being kidnapped (by the killers, I think); at the end of the episode, they kept flashing images of what was supposed to be the baby’s heart beating and Perlman’s character “sensing” it, so they could explain how he could find his child by “tracking” it.

I loved this show when I was a kid, but I saw an ep a little while ago and was underwhelmed. But the underground (literally) society was pretty believable - at least, you know, for a society of mutants living in sewers.

I can’t recall for sure, but it was implied that he was a genetic experiment gone wrong, and I believe it was mentioned at some point that the leader of the underground society found him in a Dumpster when he was a baby.

I only watched a few episodes all with Linda Hamilton(GRR lady is hot) but I saw nothing so much as a French kiss, their romance was very chaste all longing.

Sorry if I made it seem like there was no action, there was action and other plots but the forbidden love angle took up 20-10% of each episode. Often Catherine gets into trouble and Vincent can sense it and comes running.

The underground society was very intriguing.

I caught an old episode a while back, and the 80s hair and wardrobe were especially amusing. Linda Hamilton could have used her shoulder pads as a deadly weapon.

Agreed. I was a young teenaged girl watching this show - it hit every note just right for someone in my demographic.