Beck committed a bad bad bad travesty. Oops

The little boy wrex wanted to go fishing.
They couldn’t find any worms.
They came in and lamented to me how could they fish without bait?
I thought about it and decided a can of sardines was needed.

I happen to have 4 cases of sardines. Big Wrek hoarded them while I was hospitalized.
I’m not sure why. I’ve never seen any person in my house eat them.

I rinsed the fishies and put them in a ziplock bag for the boys. They ran down to the pond.

Me and their Mother sat out on the deck to watch them.

Mr.Wrekker came out of his barn office and rode down to the pond to watch.
It looks likes they caught 3.
One was pretty good size.

Mr.W rides back up to the deck and proceeds(in a rude tone, I believe)to ask why did I give them sardines?
I p’shawed him, in a tolerant way( I swear).
He goes on to say sardines are people food. I simply say " not this people"
That just pee’d him off.
I go on to remind him how many cans of fishies he used for the raccoon round up.

And how I’ve fed them to Clarence many times.

(Large digression: Clarence has a hurt foot. We called the vet. He’s prescribed a knock-out drug. We are gonna dart him in the morning and take him to the vet clinic. I’m very anxious about this prospect. Crossed fingers, and all)

Anyhoo…the boys caught 4 catfish. They have been cleaned, bagged and frozen. They were very proud of the whole thing.
I told Mr.W not to rain on their parade, or else.

He proceeded to harumph me .
He might get sardines for lunch tomorrow.

Finally, a good use for sardines.

Even though my mother and my cats disagree with me.

mr wrex sounds like a great guy but live sardines (well thats what the tank say anyways0 are sold here as bait and im told canned will do in a pinch … actually almost any meat and cheese are good bait … and theres an old joke in pizza places about asking for the pizza with “bait” on it …

n fact one time my cousin who was 9 caught a fish that was too small legally to catch so we told her she had ot throw it back she threw it back in the water still on the hook… WE were explaining to her that we meant take it off as carefully as possible … right as a bigger fish had tried eating the smaller one

You misspelled “Breakfast.” :rofl:

You so funny.
I may just do that.

Call them “kippers,” and tell him that it’s part of a traditional English breakfast.

I was just wondering about kippers.

Isn’t that some other crazy pet you’ve recently adopted?

Worms, lamentations, sardines, p’shaws, peeing, catfishes, and harumphs in one OP?

Not too bad bad bad there, Beck.

To make it completely traditional English breakfast, you have to have beans on the side.

And how can he argue with the kids turning little fish into big ones? That’s just good economics.

You need blood pudding, too. And maybe mushrooms. And fried bread.

Two big ol’ sardines at the bottom of a bowl of Peaches ‘n’ Cream oatmeal with a huge glass of OJ.

Part of this complete breakfast! :nauseated_face:

Clarence update:

I watched Son-of-a-wrek expertly dart Clarence.
That boy ain’t right but he dang sure can shoot.

I’m at dialysis now. Son took Clarence to the vet.
I told him to make sure they cleaned Clarence up while he was conked out.

I’ve gotten one text. He said “we’re here”

I’m on tenterhooks.
I hope Clarence is ok.

If Mr. W. is touchy about “people food” vs “fish food”, go to a Japanese restaurant and order something that contains a lot of ikura. Remind him that it is caviar.

I once got a free can of sardnes in the box of food the Jewish Relief Agency delivers each month. My Zeyde Herman used to love sardines. I thought ‘how bad can they be’ and tried them. It was like there was an alien autopsy in my mouth.

Clarence had two toes amputated. Either something bit them or he bit them.
Son said the whole vet office was fascinated with Clarence and they laughed at him.
He got his surgery and a bath and dip. When I got home he was asleep under the deck in his bucket house.
I brought him out Cheerios and he munched while we watch.
He’s favoring that foot. And the bath didn’t make him look better he smells better though.
I’m pleased he doesn’t blame me.
Son-of-a-wrek is the bad guy.

Yay for Clarence! Good idea to have a different bad guy, just in case.

I am glad Clarence is OK. I have been on team Clarence from the beginning.

Also, I really need to steal this line:

“That boy ain’t right but he dang sure can shoot.”

Clarence got a can of sardines tonight.
He thought he won the lottery.

I swear I saw twinkle in his eye and along with his wiggly nose there was a definite smile.

Clarence is just perfect.

I do love him.

Don’t let’s discuss the vet bill.:exploding_head:

Wait. You have a dart gun in your tool box? Is this common for rural folk? Or did the vet give it to you? I don’t believe I’ve ever seen one in real life and certainly don’t know anyone who owns one.