Beck committed a bad bad bad travesty. Oops

I am, for some strange reason, reminded of a bit in “Despicable Me.”

Yes. Mr.Wrekker got one somewhere. I think he bought it at a gun auction.
Son-of-a-wrek is lisc. to use it.

The darts are by prescription only.

You can get a blow gun in any rural needs catalogue.
If you can blow hard.

Hey that’s funny.
Now I know why blow hards are useful to society.

^ Uh, phrasing?

Are we not doing that anymore?

Granny don’t watch Archer, Dog.

Edit: And this is how we get Ants!

You’d be surprised what Granny finds out, Mr. Fishman.

Surprised? Frightened is the word.

I dunno, if you start with a bunch of little fish and end up with a bunch of big fish, I don’t see anything to complain about.

Every time I take one of my rats to the vet, he’s a big hit with the staff. I think it’s a treat for them to see something other than a dog or cat.

Be afraid. Be very afraid.:flushed:

Clarence won the lottery when he found you! :slight_smile:

Sardines aside, how many possums have access to an actual human doctor and modern medicine? Not to mention a steady diet of Cheerios! Clarence is the royalty of the possum world!

Aww. Thanks, @wolfpup .

He is a good boy and I feel honored to know him.

Today he actually chased Dillon the Villian. (Well, chase might be generous, he went toward him kinda fast and Dillon ran)Dillon has yet to learn possum manners.

My Dad had a bumper sticker that said Eat Mo Possum

^ Isn’t he one of those “rapper” fellows?


Hey Beck, does Clarence have a bad, bad, bad brother?

Caution: This will melt your heart.

:heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

Well. Clarence is not nearly that normal looking.
This 'Possum Mom thinks he’s adorable, anyway.