Beck fans and mass hallucinations

I belong to a mailing list for fans of recording artist Beck (you know, that “Loser” guy; check out his new album, it rocks). All of us are big fans that have every one of his albums, including a rare early disc called “Sterepathetic Soul Manure”.

Here’s where the mass hallucination comes in. It seems that fully ninety-percent of us on the board (in excess of a hundred people) misread the word “StereoPATHETic” as “StereoPATHIC”. Now, what the heck is up with that? How could all of us fall victim to the same false title? Any thoughts?

I used to have that CD. I thought it was Stereopathic too :slight_smile:

Well here’s a WAG. It’s a long word and after we’ve seen a couple syllables of it, we just assume (and skip) the rest.

Methinks there’s a Science Fair Project in here somewhere…

Steropathic seems like a real word, stereopathetic doesn’t. Just my WAG.

I own the album and didn’t realize it was “stereopathetic” til you told me.

Jesus, I’m old. I thought this was about Jeff Beck.

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Here, Pavlov’s dog… Here, boy! Good doggie…

Yer pal,

When I read the OP, I read it as “stereopathic” as well.

Ummm… It isn’t? Who’s Beck, then?

It is too clear, and so it is hard to see.

On a slightly related note:

There’s this intercom system in my building at work (next to the elevator). In small print, it says “AIPHONE”.

I always thought it was AIRphone until one day I looked at it closely. What the heck is an AIPHONE anyway?


It stands for Artificial Intelligence Phone. It’s a phone which tries to fool you into thinking you’ve actually reached a person, but you’re really just talking to a computer with voice recognition software. The computer is programmed to respond just like a person. This is someones test for when a program is intelligent; if no one can tell the difference then the program is intelligent (I don’t buy that, but some people do).

Try it some time, it’s very well done. You’d swear you were really talking to a person, not a computer. :slight_smile:

It is too clear, and so it is hard to see.

Yeah, until they say something no human would be stupid enough to say, like: “we can’t accept your credit card with a billing address in Hawaii. We accept only U.S. credit cards.”

Damn those computers.

I read it as stereopathic, too. I’m glad to see that doesn’t mean I’m a closet Beck fan. :slight_smile: I ain’t done wrong.

I’ve discovered an even more disturbing phenomenon. I read the OP as “sterepathetic” not “stereopathetic.” Now that is weird.

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