Beckdawrek has a bad, bad, bad red face! (Nope. Not embarassed.)

Friday my face felt puffy and dry. I moisturize.
Saturday morning I look in the mirror. First off I never wanna look at my face in the morning. I avoid looking at myself as much as possible (yuk). I took a double take, not because I was so ravishing, 'cause my cheeks were bright red. Face still puffy. Thought maybe the moisterizer was messing with me. Washed my face. Applied a tiny bit of mineral oil on my cheeks.
I decided I better get dressed and skip out before Nazi DIL comes and makes me go to urgent care or something.
I run around mostly staying in the car. I did go in one store. A guy asked me was I ok. I told him I was fine. He kept looking at me. I go back to the car and look in the mirror. Jeez, I look bad. Bright red. Eyes look a bit weird. I oughta go on home. I gotta have corndogs, tho. So I do.:slight_smile:
It rolls around Sunday. I still look red. DIL, her Sister and all their kids show up. House full. No one remarked on my red, and now swollen face. I think after they leave my head hurts a little. My throat is sore-ish.
Monday I called the clinic and tell my symptoms to the automated thing. I ride down to my mail box and wait for the nurse to return call. She knows my situation with voice calls. I get the call. She asked me questions. She said I most likely have ‘5ths disease’, a virus mostly seen in kids. She told me to stay put. Avoid children. Uh-oh.
She will talk to the Doctor and see if they want me to come in.
I got a text later in the day. DO NO come to the clinic. Watch for fever and flu like symptoms.
Well, great! There would be five diseases. Four ain’t enough. I would be the onliest adult in 4 counties to catch this. And… I spent Sunday with 5 kids.
How embarrassing!
I need a fifth of something, alright!:slight_smile:

Yikes, Beck! it sounds like you’re just going to have to rest up for a bit. No more corn dog runs for a few days! How does catching a bug affect your diabetes?

So, other than a virus mostly seen in kids, what the heck is 5th disease? Did the folks at the clinic give you any more info about it? I’ve never heard of it before. Is it one of those weird things like when you get this strange rash and the doc tells you your skin has a rino-virus infection? (Happened to my dad once, strange convo)

Yikes! I never heard of this bug, but could it be the result of your corndog addiction? At any rate, take it easy, and get well soon. Keep us posted.

“Erythema infectiosum or fifth disease is one of several possible manifestations of infection by parvovirus B19.[3]
The name “fifth disease” comes from its place on the standard list of rash-causing childhood diseases, which also includes measles (first), scarlet fever (second), rubella (third), Dukes’ disease (fourth, but is no longer widely accepted as distinct), and roseola (sixth).”

Looked it up on Wikipedia. I thought I was going to come back and tell everybody it was first diagnosed by some doctor named “Fifth”.

My brother had it when he was a kid, and I seem to remember one of my kids having it, as well. It’s a pretty common childhood ailment (Googling tells me over 200K cases per year in the US). It’s also sometimes called “slapped cheek disease/syndrome” because one of its tell-tale signs is it looks like your cheeks have been slapped.

My wife used to teach at a Lutheran elementary school; they had an outbreak of fifth disease in the mid '90s, and had to close the school for a week, as so many kids (and staff) were affected.

The pastor at the church which ran the school was HIV-positive, and coming down with fifth disease led to the infection which ultimately killed him. :frowning:

I hope you feel better soon, Beck!!

I feel like a truck ran over me this morning. Fever-y.:frowning:

Diabetic nurse said my immunity is low. As far as affecting my diabetes I just need to maintain a balance with my glucose numbers. I woke up alittle low this morning. Ate my breakfast and was able to get it back up to normal range. I have to make myself eat, no appetite.
I wonder how many of those kids that were around me Sunday get it. DIL is concerned with the youngist. She sat with me in my big chair while they were here. Oops.

Look at the bright side. The Parvo virus that dogs get causes severe vomiting and diarrhea and can be fatal!

Grubhub will deliver Sonic corn dogs. Do they do delivery in the boonies of Arkansas?

Thanks. Ya’ll sure make a girl feel good.:wink: Do I have to worry about my dogs catching this. (I got tags of my own from the Vet, so there’s that.)
Ain’t nobody delivering this far out. I barely get mail.
Unless…umm…maybe I can convince DIL to get me corndogs…BRB.

Oh, god. I feel bad (not). I shamelessly begged for corndogs. DIL is going into town. I have a prescription at the pharmacy, she’s gonna pick that up and bring me corndogs, Yay!!
(No sign of ‘5th disease Beck’ spreading her pestilence to those kids yet)

You didn’t send her into town for corndogs. You sent her into town to pick up meds; it just so happens that Sonic is on the way. Excellent rationalization, my friend. :smiley:

Nope! Bright side, once more.:slight_smile:

Also, you now have a built-in reason for not doing chores for a few days.

You could even say that you’d be “pleading the Fifth.”

Yeah, that was bad…I’ll see myself out.

I already thought of that. Ha. Brilliant minds think alike!

What a lazy-ass way to name a disease. :rolleyes:

Hey, Beck, what is #5 on the list? You can just call it that.

(how does he know about my lists…hmm?)

Those “red” viruses (measles and their ilk) are spread through coughing and sneezing. Depending on their incubation period, you probably picked the bug up from a li’l wrekker on a previous visit.

Kids, especially the smaller variety, are notorious germ factories. Think of all the nose picking and butt scratching thet do!

The further down the tree, the shorter the duration of the disease. You are already over the worst part. And now you are immune to any little Fives running down your driveway, through your garden, or cavorting with the feral beasts.