Beckdawrek is a bad, bad, bad Nana! (The big birthday weekend!)

Granddaughter turned 6 today. Her big birthday bash was Saturday. 12 squealing 5 and 6 yos.
Nana was invited. Nope.
I went Shopping for her Saturday morning. She had 2 wishes for her 6th. An iPhone of her very own and a Siamese cat just like Nanas. Uh-oh.
The parents purchased the phone. Thank god I didn’t have to make THAT decision.
I was warned about the cat. “DO NOT get her a live cat! Siamese or otherwise.” Son-of-a-wrek swore an oath to kill any cat brought to his house. (He’s really not that mean, he was just trying to scare me).
I wouldn’t ever give a live animal as a gift, anyway. For a brief minute I thought I might just do it. Then I figured I end up with a permanent new house guest. The residing Siamese might take umbrage. So I quickly got outta that daydream.
I got her a journal kit and a stuffed Siamese cat. I drove by before the party to take her gift. I felt bad, bad, bad. She just knew I was bringing her a kitten. That and she already had her iPhone taken away. She hit her sister. No more phone for 24 hours. DIL was way too pleased with her new handle on discipline. Poor kid.
I told granddaughter someday she could choose her own pets. She just had to grow up, graduate college, get a job and buy/adopt her own cat. She looked downhearted. I told her I knew a secret way to get what she wanted. She was all ears. I said to keep her stuff picked up, help with baby sister. Take good care of her dog. And beg. And beg. And beg. And keep begging. She said Mom won’t do it. I said “girl you’re so right!”, I told her to only beg Daddy. When they were alone. And dont let up. Ever.
Today I get a text message from Son-of-a-wrek. He wanted to know where I got them damn cats. And what do they cost.
Who knew my secret method would work so well. And so fast.
Oh, and I got my first text from a newly 6yo granddaughter. It said, and I quote “I love Nana”

You are bad, bad, bad. :smiley: <3

That’s the purpose of grandparents - spoil the kids; hype 'em up on sugar…& then give 'em back.

Brilliant work Beck. Love it, you bad Nana you. :smiley:

Nice story!

More texts from Son-of-a-wrek. He wanted to know the breeders name and number. He asked what did I pay for them.
I told him.
One text back, it said, “Gulp”
I told him I know a secret way to get what you want. :smiley:
He was all ears.

ETA: I didn’t have the heart to break it to him that he’s gonna have buy 2.

Bekkers, you do cat rescue work. Or, at least you DID up until the Cat From Hell introduced you to your best friend, The Cheerful State Trooper.

Tell Son-of-Wrek and Lil Wrekker that you shall keep an eye out for a rescue Siamese kitten.

Of course, this could take years.

Gotta hate umbrage.

Granddaughter wants a Siamese cat “just like Nanas” Who am I to argue with such flattering logic?
Seriously, I plan to look about for a Siamese type cat, for her.

Just remember - your son may be picking out your nursing home some day.


Like I’d leave that decision to him. He’s already loosed his Nazi wife on me. She’s the one to worry about.:slight_smile:

Uh-oh. Got a text from DIL: “Stop it!”
I’m in trouble now.
I may be going to that nursing home sooner than I thought.


If either set of grandparents tried to gift my child with a critter, said critter would have been immediately rehomed with the offending grandparent. It’s one thing to give a toddler a drum…

My daughter describes herself as “that” aunt.

She has gifted nieces and nephews with all matters of noisy toys, including elextronic things that bleep and boop. She didn’t just give A drum: she gave a niece a complete, kid-sized drum KIT.

My grandson just had a birthday. “That” aunt gave him a toy called a ro-BUTT. You pull his finger, he farts.

watches thread, taking notes for when the grand-sithlings are old enough to ask for the good stuff for birthdays and christmas.

Yep, Dork, it’s a laugh a minute!!

ETA: DIL just left here. She’s softening. Heh-heh!:slight_smile:

That reminds me, I meant to ask this earlier, how long is umbrage good for? If I keep it in a cool, dry place, away from open flame or other heat and out of direct sunlight, will it stay good for a few years if stored? Can I stock pile it for the future when the dorklings start taking it from me as payment for the AWESOMEST presents EVER!!! I’m going to give the grandkids?

Umbrage is better taken fresh, daily. My cats have an unlimited supply.

Only if you make a wrong turn off the main road and end up in the home’s parking lot.

You’re a long way from living there, Beck. :slight_smile:

DIL wanted to visit the cats while she was at my house. I broke out the “freshly, homemade good-ist treats” ever. They flew down the stairs, leaving the dead moth they had been staring at most of the afternoon. Bear did his 2 best tricks before pitching a hissy-fit about his treat not being ‘right’
Meeko allowed a few seconds of petting. And…like smoke they vaporized.
She was less than impressed. I’m ashamed to say they have no manners or socialization. It can’t be helped, I don’t have much socialization either.
But DIL’s, at least, entertaining the idea.
I may get lots of texts from granddaughter saying: “I love Nana”

But for some reason I have an odd premonition that this is gonna bite me in the butt.