Beck'sthinkin' bad, bad, bad thoughts AGAIN!

(That’s not a missed space in the title, I like it like that)

So, here we go. I swear I’m not a sociopath. I promise, Daddy had me examined.
I’m not a serial stalker either.
What I am is a prolific reader. And, face it, I have no real life and I’m bored as heck.
So I read old threads. If I see a posters name and maybe an interesting quip or post I go look at their profile. Then I read them. All of them. I pride myself in reading their whole body of work. All. Of. It.
I dive deep. Clicking on references. (And yes, I do judge. I’m good at keeping that part to myself.)
I’ve been doing this for as long as I’ve been on the board. I’ve read a bunch of you. (:))
Well, you know I’ve clicked on lots of things that come up “not found” and such. I thought everything you ever put online was there forever?
Someone lied to me.
I feel cheated, somehow.

So, did you find out about my birthmark??

Psyche!! I don’t have one!! Ha ha!!

Well, I think that nearly all SDMB threads are still there. Are you finding links in threads that are dead? That’s not uncommon at all; when websites change, or go out of business, the web pages they had may, in fact, cease to exist.

However, even if the link itself is now dead, one might find archived versions of that content still out there somewhere (through things like Wayback Machine).

Oh wow, The Wayback thing is cool. I’ll remember that. Thx

You are most welcome!

And, I apologize if you subjected yourself to all of my nerdy posts. :wink:

Kenobi, nerd is cool.

Nerd will always be cool.

fistbumps VOW, then utters nerd laugh

Once something goes up on the Internet, how soon does a copy get made at the Wayback Machine? Can threads that have been cornfielded by the mods be found there?

I stand by everything I post here. Especially the nonsense!

I’m almost certain I’ve put enough info in threads that, if someone really wanted to, they could likely figure out my real identity. I haven’t really done this deliberately, and am too lazy / busy to actually verify this, but I’m sure it could be done.

So tell me, Beck. Who am I?

(And yes, I’m semi-serious. Beck, if you’re up for a challenge and discover who I am, shoot me a PM.)

Oh, geez. Please don’t read any of mine. Or is it too late? :frowning: So many times I’ve vowed not to post in GD or IMHO any more, but somehow, I end up back there and posting crud. And I DO mean crud. Just think of my posts as that boring “0% interest not available at all locations. Some restrictions apply. See your dealer for details” stuff at the end of car commercials on the radio.

This. You’ve have to wade through a shitload of crap, but if you REALLY wanted to, you could figure out who I am. Not that THAT info would be worth anything.

Can I borrow a fig leaf from somebody? Because I feel naked.

Please can someone throw a towel over Grrr!?
Really, I don’t mean to make anyone uncomfotable. I mean it is a public message board after all.
I, myself am the queen of TMI, so I get it.
I will say for the most part everyone I’ve read has been perfectly normal. Some funny characters and a few total dipsticks (:)).
I really find you all so fascinating it’s an seemingly endless supply of entertainment. I love it.
Thank you for letting me peek into your lives

waving arm like Horshack

Oooh! Oooh! I wanna be the dipstick!

~VOW, sorry you’re one of the funny characters!!

Mis-read the thread title as ‘Beck’s stinking bad, bad, bad thorough AGAIN!’

Dem ferals have stinkin’ musk glands!


You are a stinker, Gato:D

So after you say this, you then go on to tell us how you’re a serial stalker. Okay. :rolleyes: