BEEF! I'ts what's for dinner

I’ve seen this commercial a nillion times, but what is the music behind it. Can anyone tell me?

I believe it’s taken from Handel’s Messiah.

Um, no. I don’t recall any passage from the Bible touting the greatness of beef…

It’s the Hoedown from Aaron Copeland’s Rodeo.

(Insert quotes and italics as needed to satisfy your grammatical leanings.)

The Beef People agree with Smeghead.

“You must give me the firstborn of your sons. Do the same with your cattle and your sheep. Let them stay with their mothers for seven days, but give them to me on the eighth day.”
– Exodus 22:29-30

Veal and lamb. It’s what’s for God’s dinner.

The firstborn son, I suppose, is the appetizer.

– Ukulele “quoting scripture for his own purposes” Ike

Buy this album. (Not necessarily from amazon; if you find it anywhere, get it.)

It’s got Rodeo (the Beef theme), Appalachian Spring (the Georgia Pacific theme), and Fanfare for the Common Man (the Wide World of Sports theme). Listen to it in the car and you feel like you’re in a western.

No, no, that’s the mutton commercials. “For we like sheep. . .”

Mmm…beef and Copland music.

I had to memorize every single aspect of Rodeo (among other pieces) my senior year of high school for Academic Decathlon.

I still get twitches when I hear it.

evilbeth, don’t you love Saturday Night Waltz? I played a piano arrangement of it, and think it’s the greatest!

And if you want to hear a real kick-ass version of Hoedown, get a copy of Live at the Quick, by Bela Fleck and the Flecktones.

Their version of Amazing Grace isn’t bad either.

For “Hoedown” with a bluegrass kick: It’s A Beautiful Day.

I think SolGrundy would like the Round Up CD by the Cincinnati Pops. It’s a collection of orchestral Western TV & movie themes with some other stuff thrown in.

Our main focus was on Hoedown so I’m partial to it–while also being haunted by it! I am also fond of Buckaroo Holiday.

I am not musically inclined but I imagine playing the piece would be quite entertaining.

I think I have the original LP of this somewhere in my collection (which is currently in storage). And I probably bought it for “Hoedown.”