Beef Jerky! Does anyone have a good recipe?

I’m not a big fan of red meat as a rule, but I do love a good ol’ piece of jerky every now and then. Years ago, I used to work with a man who made his own and sold big Ziplocs bags of it to co-workers for $5. He made several flavors and they were all wonderful. (The teriyaki was my favorite.) I remember him telling me he didn’t use any special or fancy equipment, just good beef and good marinades.

Do any of you make jerky at home? If so, do you have a method/recipes you can share?

Take your pick

Mix 1 part soy sauce with 1 part liquid smoke, use enough to cover the amount of meat you want to dry. I typically need a pint of each for three pounds of fresh meat.

Slice the meat you want to dry to the desired size. I usually use a lean rump roast sliced 3/16 to 1/4 inch thick and cut into 1x4 inch strips.

Marinate the meat in the soy/liquid smoke mixture in the refridgerator overnight.

Dry the meat in a dehydrator for 8-16 hours (how long you need to dry the meat depends on your climate).