Beelzebubba snuck a flame by me 4 months ago

In this flame Beelzebubba uses the BBQ Pit to flame me without my knowledge (since I never visit this section).

Since when is the BBQ pit used for such meaningless flaming against fellow dopers? Should I cut/paste quotes from EVERY doper I disagree with and flame them? I just think it’s immature and uncalled for - this is a forum for intellectual debate, not BBQ-pitting every little thing someone posts that rubs you wrong.

It’s a little late but I must defend myself - I can’t let his post stand. I will respond to the only non-flame in the thread - he asks “how exactly have you participated in defending our nation?” followed by some more flaming. Evidently his desk job at the Pentagon makes him a better citizen than me in his mind. My answer is this:

I defend our nation every year by voting for leaders who support our military. I vote for a President who respects our men and women in uniform that defend this nation and our freedoms with their lives daily. I pay my taxes, and vote that these taxes support our troops. I stand up for our military when I hear it being put down. I pray nightly for our troops. I support my brother-in-law, a U.S. Marine, who is a scout in the deserts of Iraq as we speak putting his life on the line for people like Beelzebubba, who’s biggest concern is flaming people who disagree with him on a message board.

My father flew in Viet Nam, my father-in-law flew over Libya during the Khadafi incident, my grandfather fought in D-Day, another grandfather left his family to mine oil in South America to keep our tanks, planes, and ships in Europe and the Pacific moving. I would fight to the death for our nation if called upon, but as it is now I’m a better asset to the National Institute of Health helping in the fight against cancer than I am to the military. So no Beelzebubba, I’m not “merely a child playing at knowing something of the real world” or “simply a troll”. I vote.

Jesus, who cares? Let it go.


Seeing as how that thread is, as you note, four months old, and also that no one even cared enough to respond to it, was this really necessary?

(Seriously, is that a record? I don’t know that I’ve ever seen a BBQ Pit thread without a single response.)

LOL, I know I haven’t been around much longer than these people…but this latest batch of newbies seems particularly self-absorbed. Seriously, they seem to really think that everyone cares so much about the tiniest things, and that everyone is crouching in anticipation on their every word. It’s like Bob55 was posting this expecting to have replies like “oh yeah, I remember that, he got you good, it really stuck out amongst the 1000 other Pit threads I’ve read since then, I’ve been waiting with baited breath for months to hear your reply, thank god you finally got here!!”

Get over yourself, dude.

I would like to register my vote that Beelzebubba only respond to this on June 14th. (And then the rebuttal to the rebuttal can occur in October.)

Agreed, but he shouldn’t respond in this thread. He should make a whole new thread, so we have to click on his link to know what the hell he’s talking about.

If the OP never visits this section, how’s he managed to start a thread here?

The link given highlights “bob55” in the returned threads, so it was found assumedly through a vanity search.

Nope. No record. This is my count of pit thread with no replies:

1999: 3
2000: 16
2001: 37, including 4 locked.
2002: 64, including 22 locked.
2003: 4

Jesus, how do find that out? Either that was some really clever sleuthing, or you spent waaaaay too much time on that.

I keep those kinds of stats in my head. Never know when they’ll be useful. Want to know what I had for breakfast on the third of May 1993?

Seriously though, you just set the drop-down menus at the bottom of the page to sort by “number of replies” in “ascending” order, from “the beginning”.

Pretty much every…five to ten minutes.

“Mine” oil? :stuck_out_tongue:

He means he left his family to his oil in his will…

Hey, if the dinosaurs could turn into oil, I’m sure his family will give us a barrel or two…

Well, Bob, as I recall, I was pissed off at you for insinuating that those who were against war with Iraq weren’t patriotic, didn’t give a damn about the security of the country, and didn’t remember our country being attacked. Plus, I felt personally insulted because I joined the military with the full awareness that I could be sent somewhere unpleasant and life threatening, that I feel I did a service to my country, and you were belittling that. And maybe you were. And maybe you are now. Hey, I got a desk job, some guys get sent the desert. Luck of the draw, buddy.

But you know, nobody responded, and the next day I figured ‘Who cares? What will it accomplish to yell at this guy?’. And, no one responded, so I guess every one else thought the same way.

Give your brother in law my regards.

Lets see:

vanity searcher + responds to a 4 month old Pitting nobody cared about + lame OP = :rolleyes:

Yeah. You should see how the miners try to smuggle oil out.:eek:

Reading the subject heading, I thought this thread was another religious debate of some sort! (lol)

Who cares??
It was 4 months ago, and it seems nobody agreed or even cared to post about it, so why bitch?

Not bitching at all, I just thought it was a little smile worthy.

Beezlbubba, flame, hell?