Been a server? Tell us about it!

Inspired by this thread. Apparently a lot of us have been servers in our past (and present?) lives. Myself, I worked for Fridays, Red Lobster, Olive Garden and a bunch of regional places. At Red Lobster, yes, I once spilled two strawberry margharitas on a couple who were wearing their tennis whites. Yea! Anywho, tell us your best server stories please. I’ll start, once at Olive Garden, an undiscovered leak waterlogged one of those abestos-type ceiling panels, causing it to drop squarely on an elderly couple’s table in the middle of their dinner. Noone died, thank goodness, but the ensuing hullabaloo it was like something from a sitcom. We comped them. Fighting the homeless over the dumpster, knife fights in the bar, idiot cooks, stupid managers, drugs, jazz, what ye got?

Not a server reply {{{sorry}}}

But, on holiday in the USA I dined at Red Lobster in Michigan, the food and service are fantastic as are the waitresses…phwoar.!!

Anyway, we got a free meal 'cos the waiter dumped a shitload of leftovers from another table in my wifes lap.

Just saying :wink:

Worked as a waiter in an Argentinian steak house in Berlin…many stories…but one that comes to mind was a young couple…they ordered steaks and salads and the girl said, “lots of dressing”…so I brought out the salads and he took his and she looked at it and said, “I said LOTS of dressing…” so I took the salad back and poured in on…now it looked like soup with some salad leaves in it. I brought it back out and started to set in on the table, but she reached up and grabbed it at the same time.

The entire salad bowl tipped over and landed in her open purse sitting next to her. And I do mean about three cups of salad dressing, plus the salad, all went pouring into that purse…couldn’t have aimed it better if I had been trying. She was in shock…I apologized but BF/hubby said, “she asked for lots of dressing and she got it!” As I left the table, he was still laughing.

And speaking of laughing…another couple came in one night, ordered the best steaks, salads and corn on the cob (although on the menu, corn on the cob was seldom ordered by Germans, so I was kind of surprised.) I brought out the salads and corn on the cob first and then went back to get the steaks. I heard a woman suddenly laugh like she was insane…I went back to the table and the woman was sitting alone, laughing so hard tears were coming down her face and she could barely breath. She handed me money for the entire dinner, with a rather nice tip, and trying to catch her breath, told me her husband had just gotten new dentures, insisted on having the corn, and the dentures had gotten stuck in the corn cob and they all came out when he pulled the ear of corn from his mouth…she last saw him fleeing from the restaurant with the ear of corn and his teeth still attached.

Does pizza delivery count?

I once dumped mostacholi on immaculate white berber carpeting…

So, wet asbestosy stuff falls into their food, and they didn’t even have to pay for it! That Olive Garden is some kinds place, you betcha! :wink:

My experiences as a server… are hard to talk about. I had to sit in a small, warm room, squeezed into a rack, and was hooked up to the internet. All kinds of requests came in for data, and I needed to process them and send back replies as quickly as possible. There was no time for just lazily surfing the dope…

No, actually, my mistake. I’ve never been a web server. :slight_smile:

It was the hardest job I ever had. I never got good at balancing the plates, so I would have to make multiple trips to the kitchen. I got stiffed by a group of 10 Europeans (tipping isn’t the norm there, from what I understand). It’s tiring and you have to put up with a million personalities all at once, including those of your co-workers. It didn’t last long for me, and I would only do it again if I absolutely had to.