Beer and pork chops...

Some guy in one of my classes today said one beer has the same nutritional value as one pork chop. In other words, if you drink five beers, it’s like eating five pork chops, which is why beer makes you fat. Has anyone else ever heard this? Is it an urban legend or is it legitimate?


1 pork chop is about 175 calories, and 1 12 oz. beer is about 175 calories.

They don’t have the same “nutritional value” though. A pork chop’s calories come mostly from fat & protein, while beer is pure carbohydrate.

Not all the Calories in beer come from carbohydrates. I would guess about half of the Calories in beer come from alcohol. Carbohydrates have about 4 Calories per gram, and alcohol has about 7.

I’ve always thought it was “a slice of bread in every can”.