Beer, glorious beer!

Liquid gold. On a hot summer day, pure blessed relief. On a cold winter evening, a warming libation. With friends, a social lubricant and equalizer. With enemies, a means of achieving mutual respect and toleration. I love beer. Beer, beer, beer, beer.

My default brew is Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, but I find it a bit too hoppy for a summer quaff. In my hand right now is a nicely chilled bottle of Karl Strauss “Woodie Gold.” Yummy. So…what are you drinking?

In a few hours, I will be imbibing multiple pints of Speakeasy’s Big Daddy IPA on Haight St with a handful of friends and Dopers.

I await with much excitement.

Pilsner Urquell. I also have some Red Hook ESB in the fridge.

Magic Hat #9 is one of the best summer beers ever.

Bell’s Oberon. Goes great with some burgers over charcoal and corn on the cob.

I have some Eel River IPA in the fridge right now. Unfortunately, we’ve got another hour or so until it cools sufficiently to drink.

This Irish Red Ale is in my keg.


When we drink, we get drunk.

When we get drunk, we go to sleep.

When we sleep we committ no sins.

When we committ no sins we go to Heaven.

So, let’s all drink beer and go to Heaven!!!

Drake’s Expedition Ale

There’s also a 750ml bottle of Brasserie Dupont Foret in the fridge that probably won’t survive the night.

Strange…I took you for a Fischer man. :wink:

My default brew is very similar to yours…Summit Extra Pale Ale. Like you, I also find it a little too hoppy for summer. I typically go with hefeweizen this time of year. Usually either Paulaner of Hacker Pschorr. Ayinger has one I like a lot too, but I’m not always able to find it.

Truth be told though, on this warm summer night, I have a bourbon in hand. I’m a recent convert to this vice, and have gone a little overboard in my purchases recently. Tonight is Old Rip Van Winkle 10yr 90 proof.

Yum. Rip Van Winkle makes some goood bourbon. Try Old Weller Antique sometime. An amazing bourbon for the price ($17.99 locally).

Sierra Nevada Pale Ale is my regular brew as well, but there is no such thing as too hoppy for me… summer, winter, whenever.

I happened to be downtown today for a doctors appointment, so before coming back home I picked up a growler of Pliny the Elder at our local brewpub. I just poured my third pint. I also bought a bottle of wine, but it’s for homework, so I’m afraid after a growler of Pliny, it’s going to have to wait until tomorrow.

Too hoppy for summer? That doesn’t make sense to me. The hoppy beers are what I go for during the summer. When it’s cold I like a big, malty stout or porter. But summer means hops to me. Though it’s not especially hoppy, Shafley, a local micro, is making a fine Kölsch-style this summer that hits the spot.

Ahh, Oberon! Tried it for the first time this weekend, as a very recent arrival to Michigan. Freakin’ awesome.

Guinness is still my default; I like Sapporo if you can get it–it’s not that good but it comes in beautiful large cans and it’s somewhat light.

I’m having a Sapporo Reserve right now, and it’s pretty damn good. Sapporo Black is awfully tasty as well, but I haven’t seen it around for a while.

<— another SN Pale Ale fan. I’ve heard their Summerfest beer is fantastic, and I have to assume that, given the name, it’s great for summertime. Never seen it round these parts, though, even pre-Katrina.

Summerfest is wonderful, but a limited commodity. If you can find a case, buy it. Even better on draft. My local used to get a single keg in every summer, and we’d drain that sucker in a night.

I may have to start asking around to see if anyone gets it in. On a related note, I’m drunk right now!

Welcome to the club! Beer, then bourbon. Kicking back with the cats and vegging in front of the tube. The exciting life I lead when the wife is out of town. :smiley:

Yeah? A case, of gout might cure you of that!

Alright, that was totally uncalled for! I’m sorry. I’m just being a sour puss.

But I’ve been on foot patrol all this week, and will be through the weekend which means I can’t risk imbibing in the nectar of the Gods until sunday night, least I get a flare up. And I have a 4 pack of Sprecher Special Amber just taunting me in the 'fridge!:mad:

Don’t tell me you don’t get crabby going without a single beer for a whole week!:wink: