Beer Tasting: flight list. What'll you have?

Went to the monthly “Top Shelf Thursday” beer tasting at my local beerporium. Nice, big pours of 10 - 12 beers for $17. Water included as well.

Here is the flight list, the theme was western IPAs.

Anything look good?:slight_smile:

I’ve had most of those…the Hangar 24 Double IPA really kicked my butt!

Nothing from Mammoth Brewing Co. on the list, though–an omission that they should correct.

Anything Vinnie makes at Russian River is going to be great. Hanger 24 is my local brewery, being all of 5 miles from my house. (As an aside, they just got busted for under-age sales at their patio/bar. A substantial fine will be levied.)

AleSmith and Ballast Point are also reliable.

Yep, I’ve never had a Russian River offering I didn’t like. I’ve had Consecration, their sour dark ale aged in Chardonnay barrels with currants. Oh my!!

I like sours and IPAs. The last couple tastings have been sours, last night was IPAs. Wonder what’s next?

I was also coming in here to mention the Redemption.

Where’s the Nati Ice?

Sad thing is, although the place has over 1000 unique beers, whatever the cheapest 12 packs happen to be, they are what needs restocked the most. Bud/Milwaukee’s Best Ice/Old Milwaukee/Steel Reserve and the like are in the coolers nearest the register.

Of course. Basic economics at work. But look at it this way - the more Bud Light they sell to the heathens, the less thay have to charge for the good stuff for the chosen people.

Any of the first four. When the ABV approaches 10% and up, beers tend to get sweet from the extra malt, which I hate.

Wait, are you still in PA? I find it very odd that non-California beers are given just the state, whereas dinky towns like Fort Bragg are unspecified. I would try the barleywine first, even though I’ve had mixed results before. It’s worth a try. Then the “Orchard White” to even it out.

Unless it’s veblen beer.