Beer: The women taking over the world of brewing.

I’ve seen History channel shows on brewing beer. I always had heard it was traditionally a male profession. The famous German brewmeisters or in the US brewmaster.

According to this article brewing beer was traditionally a woman’s job. That’s news to me. :stuck_out_tongue: And they want the job back. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m happy if the beer is tasty. Who brews it doesn’t really matter.

As far back as written history goes there have been women brewing beer. There’s a connection between baking bread and brewing beer* that goes back thousands of years, hence the heavy presence of women until recent times. Brewing beer used to frequently be done on a household level and was seen as part of the cooking duties.

  • If I recall, the Ancient Egyptians had a version that was brewed from bread, and some old varieties of beer were almost a form of liquid bread.

what a job!


Newcastle has a woman brewer.

Of course women would be brewing beer:

Beer Is Making You A Girly Man

I thought historians figured Beer was first, so bread dough is just highly viscous beer.

This is a great topic for the dope because so many people think of men as the brew masters. Most commercial beers like Bud, Schlitz , Millers,Coors, and Pabst Blue Ribbon were developed by men a hundred or so years ago.

It is fascinating that prior to industrialization it was brewed by women.

I can’t be the only man who could see himself falling madly in love with a woman who brews beer.

Home brewers have known this forever.