Before I ask someone to marry me I check with my kids.

“But Blossom is my age!”

"Blossom may be, but Mayim Bialik is seven years older than you. "

What makes me think I have a chance? On her YouTube channel she often remarks about the sad emptiness of her ring finger. I’m sad and empty and would fit right in. But I went to Plan B, “Robin on the WGN Morning News often remarks on her romantic difficulties. I could ask her.”

“She’d make a terrible stepmom.”

“Why would you say that? All she does is lie on the sofa and watch Hallmark movies. Remind you of someone?”

“Besides Mom? Me.”

“And me. And my fiance.”

“See? She’d make a fine stepmom. A lousy wife, but with her Local TV Star money I’d cry all the way to the bank.”

Make more sense.

7 years older? In what universe?

Oldest is 35. Mayim is, or was when she made that video, 42. Do the arithmetic.

The subject was implied, based on the reader having read the title. I asked my family. Naturally, a family member replied. Given that the family member called her Blossom, an easy and correct conclusion would be that the responder is female and roughly Mayim’s age. It’s easy and you needn’t know anything about my family.

You people make everything harder than it needs to be. :wink:

This thread makes no sense.

Why don’t you go for that nice Winnie Cooper girl next door? She’s 45 now.

Still too young? Phoebe Buffay is 56.

And your point is…?

These days, NOTHING makes sense. We have an idiot President who wants to prescribe drugs for COVID based on a magazine article he read. “I’m a smart guy and it sounds good to me!”

dropzone makes more sense than THAT.

I have a (married) friend who looks like Lisa Kudrow, except Kudrow can only wish that she will look that good or young when she is 65.

Um, thanks?

I just googled, and Punky Brewster is not available.

A swing and a miss, D.

Shouldn’t that be ‘A swing and a Mrs.’? :slight_smile:

There. Baseball jargon I understand.

Before this thread dies a deserved death, I need to make it clear that I wasn’t proposing to a teen from a 90s TV show but to Dr Mayim Bialik, age 45 it turns out. A perfectly cromulent age and the same age as Danica McKellar, Erdös Number 4, who is not Winnie Cooper. I’m not a pervert.

So then there’s hope for me and Micky Dolenz? I mean apart from the fact that both of us are married…

That is easily fixed. Marrying Jones or Tork would be more difficult.

I’m still holding out for Stevie Nicks. Step one: she one day discovers that I exist.

Her? Have I told you why I hate my father? Some years ago I learned that Stevie’s dad was an executive at Greyhound, as my father had been. Quick math concluded that Mr Nicks was known around the dinner table as That Damned Nicks. Dropdad’s inability to get along with anybody ruined my life again by preventing me from getting shut down by a future superstar.

Made perfect sense to me, except for the part about why one would want to get married again. :confused:

Nevertheless, good luck! :slight_smile:

Yeah, it makes sense to me, too. It’s just idle musings imagining if a couple of women he sees on TV would be wife material. He discussed it with his kids, and wanted to share.

I actually don’t get what was hard to get on this one.

Some people prefer to be clueless. You should be used to them BigT!