Before I start playing Lunar Silver Star Story (no spoilers please)

What do I need to know? This won’t be my first RPG, so I know to talk to everyone until I get no new responses. I know to look for ways to upgrade my armor, weapons, and abilities (magical and technical, if the game uses abilities at all). I know to explore every area I can get to, and I know that sometimes new items will appear in areas I’ve already explored. I also know that I DON’T want to look at faqs unless I’m stuck, as I don’t want any spoilers.

Also, if y’all don’t hear from me for a while, you know where I am and what I’m doing.

Oh, and this is the Playstation version, if it makes a difference.

Good choice, it’s a great game. It does make a difference that it’s the Playstation version, the remake has quite a few differences from the original.

One thing to note is that NPC dialogue changes based on various plot events a lot in this game, so talking to already met NPCs regularly adds a lot of depth to the game in my opinion.
The strength of bosses scale to your level (to a degree), so levelling up does not help against bosses as much as you might expect (though it does help a bit).
There are a number of hidden items that can easily be missed permanently, containing cheesecake pictures of the female characters, but I’m guessing missing those might not bother you very much ;).

I’m interested in beefcake, not cheesecake, that is correct. If I miss a good powerup, then I’m bothered. I do tend to enjoy grinding, partially because I do get better at playing the game when I grind, but also because I love the shiny, whether it’s called gold, silver, gil, or whatever. Shiny can be traded for better equipment.

One thing worth mentioning is that the time-honored RPG staple of grinding up 10 levels to demolish a boss is not as useful in this game, because the bosses level up with you.

I remember playing it SSS a few years ago and it was pretty standard RPG fare other than the levelling bit. It still helps, but not in the night and day way that, say, the Dragon Quests have. The PS version of Eternal Blue is even better, so if you enjoy this one…

Awesome game. I’m slowly puttering my way through it as well. There are a very few hidden items - mostly the cheesecake, but one or two others - that can only be picked up at certain points in the narrative. Sometimes going to a place will violently propel the plot forward.

Watch your MP carefully, especially on the sword types. Budget.

Nall has nearly bottomless storage space, but each character’s personal inventory is tiny.

This reminds me: magic wands do not use MP, and can be used by anyone. Keeping a few around is very handy in areas where the monsters are strong against physical attacks.

Is this Silver Star Story Complete? I have that version. Been a while since I played but I remember it was hard. My standard rule of RPGs is grind until you can afford the best equipment in town, then head to the next objective. Or grind until you gain abilities through level ups to kill the boss.

If you have a PSP, you might want to wait for Silver Star Harmony, coming out in a month or so. Same basic game, but with a graphical overhaul. There’s also a new translation, and new voiceovers, but opinions are mixed on that front.

This is my favorite series and I always recommend to people “play the SegaCD version of Silver Star first, then never touch or look at it again. Also, move on to either Eternal Blue ASAP.” This is largely because of the PSX ending spoiling a big reveal in the sequel; it also introduces a couple plot holes for drama (worth it) & changes the main villain’s motivation (not worth it).

The SegaCD Silver Star is (far and away) the worst of the series in every way except plot; where it is probably the best. The writing is comparatively dry; it’s much less user friendly. It is also about a quarter the length of Eternal Blue/either PSX version and much, much easier.

There is one very good, very easy to miss one near the end. It’s before a dungeon you know you’ll have to enter eventually, and includes no other plot elements but I’ll still spoiler it just in case.

Just before entering The Grindery, teleport to (Lann? The fishing village). Talk to the mayor, once or twice; he’ll give you an accessory that allows you to attack all enemies with your regular physical attacks.

Wait, wait, what?

Without John Truitt, Lunar is dead to me. I’d rather have a Lunar without Vic than without John Truitt.

Apparently it was a package deal. Only one of the old voice actors was willing to return without Vic.

Who the hell is Vic?

Victor Ireland, I assume. The was-owner of Working Designs; and primary writer/translater/producer of most of their games.

How did his motivation change? I never played the Sega CD version.