Being defensive ref Zombies etc.

I pit the defensive attitude that so many people seem to have when it comes to Zombies,axe murderers and Vampires etc.

Dont just stand their shaking in your boots and let them take the initiative.
Get together with a few friends,obtain some bite proof,armour type apparel,firearms and plenty of ammo.
Practice some tactics so that you all know what each of you will do in any given situation.
Prepare a Zombie proof retreat for rest periods etc.

And then go out looking for them.
Try methodical area clearing(Though expect at least some Zs to get into previously cleared areas)

I dont know if burning would kill the virus on ex functional Zs but it 'd be worth a try,so a supply of fuel over and above that needed for vehicles would be a good idea.

These are my own ideas as I haven’t read WWZ and for that matter might disagree with its ideas.

Lay in a goodly supply of cruxifixes,garlic,sun lamps,stakes and hooks to rip curtains down with and then attack just after dawn NOT late afternoon.

Werewolves,set up a silver bullet moulding foundry,get hold of sound directional locators (As in sniper detectors)and on the nights of the full moon lock your dogs up,wait for the howls outside and go hunt WWs down.

Axe murderers,set up an ambush(you could hide near a house phone and ring it on your mobile to lure him)and then stab him in the back with as many kitchen knives as you can carry.

Dont let the monsters win/rule your lives be proactive.

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My goodness, somebody started the Halloween party a little early this afternoon. Oh wait, you’re a few time zones ahead of the US Dopers, aren’t you? Bottoms up, and keep that garlic handy!
(“Yankee Doodle, bottoms up, and keep that garlic handy”?? :confused: )

Such prejudice; advocating the massacre of the metabolically deprived, lunarly challenged, and hemoglobin dependant without provocation. Some poor zombie could be wandering around, looking for some duct tape to hold himself together and WHAM ! You show up and set him on fire.

First the anti abortion movement, and now this. Axes aren’t alive; if someone wants to dispose of one, it’s not “murder”.

In addition to facilities for melting and casting silver into bullets, you’ll need a supply of sabots or facilities to manufacture the same. Several gun magazine writers have attempted the use of silver bullets over the years due to the popularity of The Lone Ranger on radio and TV. All their attempts yielded the same results: silver is too hard to properly engage the rifling or seal the bore. As a result, accuracy is atrocious and velocity is erratic. It also apparently doesn’t do the gun any good at all.
My advice would be to consider the use of silver shot in a conventional 12 gauge shotgun shell. The shot cup will certainly protect the bore, as they are already used with steel shot. There are also already sabot slug loads available for the 12 gauge, so it would be a relatively simple matter to substitute a sterling slug for a lead slug.

That’s a great idea, Scumpup! The materials are cheaper, too.

How about wooden loads for the vampires? A break-open shotgun would be needed to load the longer projectile, but it would be easier for a survivor to hit a vampire’s heart with it than with an arrow.

ETA: Is sterling pure enough to work? What purity is required?

We seem to be under Bogeymen attack here - an infestation of tiny evil demon spawn mostly dressed in Batman costumes. All we have to defend ourselves with is Haribo cola-bottles, monkey nuts and satsumas - and our stock is running dangerously low!

Help us Lust! Help us! Dawn is so very, very far away.

And now the door has gone again…

My theory about staking Vamps through the heart is that it must be actually staked to the ground.
I’ve always thought that the stakes function does’nt actually achieve negation of undead functionality by heart penetration alone but that being staked TO something prevents the animated corpse from getting up,walking around and generally getting on with its evil culinary habits.

Though I’m not one hundred percent sure if I’m right on this or not and would in extremis try most anything.

I also think that the main purpose of decapitation is to make it just too bloody awkward for the undead to actually get anything useful achieved.
As two of the main pieces of sensory equipment are in the head plus the biting/sucking bits Drac would have to hold his head in place at all times limiting his ease of movement and for actually engorging on blood he’d have to hold his head down extra tight otherwise all of his sucked up blood would leak out at the neck.

Do vampires actually have to feast off of virgins?
Because if that IS the case they’d die of thirst round here.
Which is why no doubt the area is vampire free.

Scumpup Could there be a case for a viable silver Frag.grenade?

Look, there’s been a lot of nonsense spread over the years about wooden stakes and vampires. Like, the idea that staking a vampire kills it. But that’s just silly. Staking it through the heart does nothing.

The whole point of the wooden stake is to pin the vampire into its coffin so it can’t get out. You open up the coffin during the day, take out the stake, and pin that motherfucker into the ground like a motherfucking insect. Try rising from the grave after that, you motherfucking bloodsucker. The vampire doesn’t die, or turn to dust or anything. He’s just fucking entombed in his own grave for all eternity. Eventually he’s gonna wither away into a rotting corpse, but that’s just because he can’t get out to harvest the blood of the living.

It’s pretty simple. So forget what all those movies and books have taught you and use your head. You think a little wooden stick is going to kill motherfucking Dracula? So think for a minute and the real purpose of the stake becomes clear.

Excellent question. Has research ever verified whether it is the silver itself that is lethal? I’d always been under the impression, for no good reason, that the silver bullet still had to be placed carefully just as one does with lead bullets on conventional adversaries. If silver is, in fact, lethally toxic to lycanthropes your grenade idea is nothing short of genius.

The Zombie Survival Guide goes into great detail on hiding from, running from, and fighting back against zombies; though oddly enough, it doesn’t specify when you should use each tactic. In the hiding and running sections, it goes to great lengths to advise avoiding zombie contact; but then in the fighting back section it goes into the ways to clear zones and regions of zombies.

The only thing I can figure from reading between the lines is that you only go on the offensive once you know you have an absolutely secure redoubt you can fall back to if necessary. And you have to keep in mind just how many zombies you could be potentially facing in a pandemic (level 3 or greater) outbreak. Especially in an urban zone, just how many zombies could your “zombie-proof” fortress stand off? Hundreds? Thousands? Tens of thousands? Hundreds of thousands? Enough zombies that your entire defensive perimeter could be buried in a twitching mass of undead? And just how many rounds of ammo do you have? Ten thousand rounds sounds like a lot until the day comes where you’re down to your last hundred rounds and there are still more zombies attacking every day.

Zombies can make army ants look like quitters.

Actually, the point is to destroy the heart. Dracula himself was finished off with a knife to the heart (see Snopes for details). I think the point is that the heart must be well and truly destroyed, not just have a hole poked in it. And once he was truly dead, yes he did dissolve into dust.

Thread reanimated in MPSIMS.

I haven’t read it I confess but surely that makes it even more important to go on the offensive early on to prevent them from spreading the virus?
Deactivate enough of them at the onset and you’ve much more chance of nipping it in the bud as the rate of multiplication will rise expotentially as time goes on.

And lets not just think small arms here,what about artillery,aerial bombs and area denial weapons?
Could scientists find something that would kill the virus as a virus?

And if their numbers rise to the hundreds of thousands in your general location then you’re going to lose anyway.

So it’d be better to destroy as many as possible out of spite,better go as a dead human then stay as an ambulatory corpse.

Look, when I’m minding my own business checking my mail in Orgrimmar and I get harrassed by the differently-alive, I have the right to get a little upset. :mad:

Heck, I’m Forsaken and I don’t make an issue of it. These misguided individuals just don’t understand the challenges of living in a multi-vital community.

Thank Bob we’ve contained our zombie problem on Bronzebeard. You hardly even think about them in the big cities anymore.

True but unless you’re working for the government you have very little choice as to what level of zombie outbreak you’re dealing with. And as sadly detailed in World War Z, governments’ instinctive reaction is denial and coverup, often until it is much too late. Fight the zombies by all means, yes, but you have to survive first.

Mass weapons are much less effective against zombies. A piece of shrapnel that severs an artery does not bother a zombie at all. Massive abdominal wounds that would leave a human screaming on the ground until they die of septic shock do not bother zombies. Blow a zombie’s legs off and it continues to crawl towards you with it’s hands. Blow it’s head off and the head will still try to bite you if it can. Set the zombie on fire and it will continue to advance on you until it is cooked through to charcoal, which takes much longer and more fire than you might suppose. Blow the zombie to gibbets and this does not for one second deter the next zombie behind it. The rule of zombie killing is: One aimed head shot is better than 100 hits anywhere else.

That would be wonderful but so far no success with developing a general anti-zombie chemical or bioweapon.

Or flee an untenable position and try to regroup elsewhere.

Just have to say, I like the username/OP combination.

Bioweapons would be the best way to deal with the Zombies. It is almost universal that destroying the brain kills a Zombie, so you could use neurotoxins. There are difficulties in this - if their hearts don’t beat, you can’t inject them; if they don’t breathe, some gases wont work. But there tend to be gaping holes in their flesh - a neurotoxin that kills on exposure to skin would destroy a Zombie entirely.

Werewolves could probably be killed by feeding them. A lot. Just let them run loose in the meat section of a supermarket. Wolves can eat an enormous amount of food in one sitting and still be able to run about - this is necessary for quick forages into another wolf’s territory - so a large wolf, packed to the brim with meat, would probably explode when it returns to human form.

Vampires - well, if the heart is the weakness, the only alternative to a stake would be a high cholesterol diet, so slip him the blood of obese humans/animals. Or use a honey trap - get him to fall in love, then dump his pale undead arse. But both these require patience.

But the opinion here seems that the heart is not the weakness. So I dunno - try experimenting with heavy doses coagulants and anticoagulants prior to being bitten.

Purity does not seem to be of particular concern, but the silver should at one point have been part of a cross or crucifix, and the bullets blessed by a bishop or better (Steakley, Crow et al, 1990, alliteration mine).

And one thing to remember about fighting a zombie horde is that they are very good at communicating.

It’s a giant chain reaction. One zombie catches sight then lets out a moan. A zombie a mile away hears the moan and starts heading towards the sound, while letting out a moan of its own. Then ten zombies in a mile radius hears the moan etc etc.

All it takes is for one zombie to make that sound and then the end begins, unless you’re thoroughly prepared in your defense (fire is a horrid idea unless they are in a ditch or a moat of some sort. The fire won’t stop the zombie, so now you have a zombie who is one fire heading towards you. Hopefully anything that is guarding you isn’t flammable) or ready for the long haul in your attack, you’re just inviting trouble and potentially adding to the zombie horde.

Seems to me you could make a fairly effective multi-purpose shotgun round for a majority of your paranormal difficulties.

A shell with silver pellets (werewolves and humans), steel shot (fairies and humans) wooden fragments or small pellets (in case wood is effective in bits, otherwise we need to alternate with sabots for vampires) and rock salt (for ghosts - if they can’t cross a line of salt, it might be effective blasted into them - smarts, too.). Bless the whole thing - the Universal Life Church will make you a minister for a few bucks- and then blaze away.