Being fussy - "sharp knees" on a woman

edit: might be related to my topic bans.

With your edit I’m not sure what you meant, but I just hope you know that sharp knees is an old internet joke/meme. People making that joke wouldn’t REALLY kick said supermodel out of bed.

I was claiming that I think I was the cause of the meme. I mean I did make a post on a long time ago on the topic. The problem is that the meme pics normally talk about “hitting” it and I can’t start threads about sex.
BTW I also mentioned that I think being really fussy is a good thing. It means I don’t think too highly of seemingly perfect women.
Edit: in your reply you’re also trying about “bed” but I was attempting to start a thread that wasn’t related to sex.

BTW my point in was that a pic I posted wasn’t absolutely perfect. I never said that I wasn’t highly attracted to her.

I tried to find some evidence of my claim:

As you can see in this blog entry, I have posted on the Internet under the username “excreationist”.

So, to be clear: you are looking to take credit for being That Guy?

Please acknowledge that you understand that That Guy is not looked at well. The meme is a dig at people who do that, yes?

I don’t plan to engage in a discussion or post further here - not my thing. Just trying to understand what you think you are doing.


I am trying to take credit just for the “sharp knees” idea. Apparently there was an actual studman69 that wrote the thing that is in the meme.

I will try one last time: Trying to claim credit for the “sharp knees” idea is still looking to be thought of as an idiot, JohnClay. People look at that guy as a loser who is cluelessly commenting on a reality he has no hope of getting close to.

Sorry if I am missing something obvious. I am done here.

Once again…

What’s the question?

Where’s the debate?

As long as we’re confessing… goatse guy? Taught him everything he knows.

“I’m Spartacus!”

I never looked at it as necessarily related to the unobtainability of said woman, but rather the cluelessness of finding fault in the looks of otherwise extraordinarily attractive women.

Like for example… the time a buddy (he looked a lot like Billy Baldwin in “Backdraft”, but generally was dateless, because no woman was ever quite perfect enough for him), and his buddy who was an idiot, and I went to Hooters for lunch. Our waitress that day was one of the national Hooters swimsuit calendar models that year. So… of all the Hooters’ waitresses out there, this girl was one of the 12 that looked the best in a bikini.

These two clowns I was with, I shit you not, started griping about her “man hands”. :smack::confused: My buddy is a very handsome guy, and at the time, was in great shape. He was probably in that set of men who actually could have had a shot with this woman, but instead, he’s finding fault with her hands instead of trying not to ogle the rest of her, which is what I was struggling mightily with.

That kind of thing, but on an internet forum, was basically what I always took “sharp knees” to be.

Weird Al-Close But No Cigar

Slightly NSF very uptight W video.

This is a problem for a lot of people. One of my best friend’s is almost permanently single because every woman had a flaw or something that didn’t match and he’s not into her. I keep telling him he needs to lower his standards.

Yeah, Billy Baldwin-looking guy always had that problem too. There’d be some girl at his church (which I attended for a short time with him), who’d be really attractive and seem to have her shit together, and he’d decide not to go along with the flirting, because he didn’t like brunettes, or didn’t think she was Jesused up enough, or too busty, or not athletic enough, or any number of absurdly physically shallow or insanely picky reasons.

He finally met a girl and got married, after what I think was about a decade-long stretch of not dating anyone. And yes, she’s a very religious, petite, athletic blonde for what that’s worth. I’m still not entirely convinced that the growing rumors of his gayness might have had something to do with him deciding to shit or get off the pot, though.

Only if Spartacus is more human than Data. But he wasn’t because it isn’t “I’m Spartacus” it is (note that construction) “I AM Spartacus”

“I’m”…so sad…

PS. MANY moons ago my friend and I predicted the fad of wearing pants backwards and wearing underwear on the outside…Oh God what did we wrought?

I AM FISH…destroyer of fashion sense…

From a Christian POV it can be good to be super-fussy with other women if you look at Matthew 5:28:

That involves breaking a commandment and according to the rest of the passage, that is pretty serious:

BTW I also dislike visible collarbones and neck tendons.

excreationist? you should post under the name “excrutiating”

excretionist: “Someone who defecates on others for their own amusement.”

Look at the belly on this girl:
(yes she is very attractive but if she is unobtainable it comforts me to think that she isn’t perfect)