Being lucky always beats being good...

Oh I’ve gone a gotten another well down. Actually, I got a successful wildcat down a couple of weeks ago (since I posted about my dry hole). This week’s well got down earlier than expected.

Another damn geophysical success! That is to say, a dry hole at the objective level, but it was sand (important in a stratigraphic play) at the depth predicted. Unfortunately it was a wet sand (I so love industry jargon - if a well is wet it’s dry). So, the reservoir leaked, we think, or was never charged.

But! Bagged a brand new little tiny baby oil field in the ever welcome Serendipity Sand, up the hole. In the long run it’ll be remembered as a success. It is small; volumetrics I did this morning after mapping it out tell us there are about 144,000 bbl. of oil recoverable. So my company will make about $2.7MM off a $475M expenditure.

Having dodged what looked like a bullet, I went home content in the knowledge that my endeavors have secured another eleven and a half minutes of this country’s energy future.

I feel sure this news made your day, too.

Congratulations there, Beatle.

Find us a really big one now so everyone will quit scheming ways to open ANWR.

As for luck, I prefer to be so good at what I do, that it just appears to be luck. Of course that’s rarely the case, but I try and make my successes look lucky. It comes from my deep rooted modesty.

Sounds like a really cool job you have.