Duster, ...or I think it's about beer:30

Just got a brand spankin’ new baby dry hole down today. Great way to end the week. Had high hopes until about 1:30 and we’ve just released Schlumberger. This particular egg has landed on my face.


Oh well, …

And I owe our landman a cheeseburger.

That sucks, beatle.

Of course, it could be worse - like the guy that worked for BR in Farmington who drilled the first dry hole in 5 years. I bet he hasn’t lived that down yet.

Have a good weekend, come in Monday and find a gusher!

Ouch. In the Chalk, or where?

Well, with prices where they are, you can afford the odd miss. Just blame it on a shitty seismic and mutter about writing a memo to the guys who took the picture.

Frio, South Texas.

The seismic volume used is in fact crappy data, but we’ve had a couple of discoveries with it. This well was what we sarcastically refer to as a geophysical success, i.e., the target sands were present at the depth I predicted them.

They’re just tight (impermeable). And there’s pay up the hole, but it appears to not be commercially viable.

So, yippee(!), we’ve got another data point!

My geologist owes the landman about 50 burgers.

Now, on to the beer…

hands beatle a bunch of his favorite bottles in a tub of ice

Much appreciated jazzmine…now I’m liable to gusher tomorrow.

Speaking of which, z-babe, I’ll try for another (and will accomplish such) - this week we’re moving that rig over to my next wildcat by about Tuesday or Wednesday - but a gusher would put me so… in the epa penalty box (well, I could probably hang that on the drilling engineer).

beatle - I know last week was just an anomoly. Your next hole will be a well-contained gusher! My story was meant to amuse (I sometimes have an unfortunate sense of humor)