Good Beer, Good Friends & Blackpowder Rifles

So my good buddy & I are heading for the hills this Saturday with his new .50 cal blackpowder rifle, the 357 & an SKS Russian assault rifle (7.62 mm of course) to burn off some ammunition. We don’t drink & shoot. Ever. But we were kidding around that the combination of black powder & beer would make an interesting installment of “Jackass.”

“Wanna see something cool?”


“Put this beer can on your head, we’re going to play ‘William Tell’ with the ramrod.”


“OK, more powder, we’re going to see if we can shoot four balls out this time…”

What events can you come up with?

Well, If I’m drinking God beer, I should be able to get away with almost anything…

I think he meant “Og beer”.

Alright alright…it’s a fairly common typo with me. My double consonants turn out to be singles about half the time. Almost always good turns out god. I’d pit myself for it, but the Giraffe would just grab it with his slimy 18 inch prehensile tongue and move it in here anyways.

If it’s God beer, it must be this stuff. I actually broke down and bought a 6-pack last weekend. It wasn’t half-bad.

Sounds like fun, Inigo. Are you bringing any good targets? Too bad it’s not leftover pumpkin season - those are fun to blow up.

Bah, it’s a federal range, Cowgirl, they don’t let you shoot anything but skeets & paper targets. Last year we were bore sighting the deer rifle and I’d brought along a watermelon and a can of tomato sauce. Just wanted to see what would happen. Range control came by just as we were getting out of the truck, saw the groceries and stopped to chat with us for a while.

He said “Absoloutely not” to the tomato sauce, but he let us destroy the mellon with the 357.

That’d be the vowel, Bob.

God good. Maybe the moods should just cloose this thread and I’ll try again next month. :mad:

You know what the problem is, right? Got my mind on a chick–I don’t think she’s into guns tho, and she’s LDS so probably not beer either. Oh well.

Man, there isn’t anything better than shooting stuff and then knocking back a few cold one’s. In that order. Have fun Inigo.

See, now there’s a project! Get her up to the range, and get her hooked on the boomstick. Later, you can introduce her to the Godly qualities of beer. Document that on film - It’d be far more entertaining than most of what gets on the tube!

Well, damn. Some kindly Mod just fixed the thread title, and now I look insane.

Oh. Wait a minute…

It’s not the thread title that makes you look insane. It’s using the SKS for skeet.

I knew there was a reason I kept missing…!


[Friar Tuck] “This is grain, which any fool can* eat*, but for which God intended a much nobler purpose: BEER!”[/Friar Tuck]

[Ben Franklin]

“Beer is proof that God loves us, and wants us to be happy.”


IIRC from my home-brewing days, there’s an enzyme in barley that isn’t even active until the environment gets up to like 200 degrees or something. It does something cool, too, like breaks down some proteins that make beer cloudy. Such enzymes wouldn’t evolve naturally because the only time barley gets that hot is, well, when it’s about to be on fire! So God must have put it there specifically for brewing. Wonderful, this God person.

That bit about the enzyme, I’m really not sure what it does exactly, but I know you need to activate it to brew drinkable beers.

With your blackpowder rifle, you could try starting the bungs on beer kegs… long distance. Best have someone near-by, ready to collect the resulting gush of sudsy Godliness, though!


Firearms and alcohol go so well together. What we used to do is take a double-headed axe and cleave it into a tree trunk with the second edge facing you. Me, in this case. Hang a clay target on either side of the blade, and fire directly into the axe blade, splitting the ball and smacking both targets. Very cool. And I don’t think this was the stupidest thing I ever did.

The deal is, unless you’re a really good shot, (some were) you had to get right up on it to make the shot. As in: Very. Close.

Man, I don’t have any fun anymore.

Wow. we used to do that with .38 pistols. Shoot at an ax to split a bullet, I mean. It’s really not all that hard, once you get used to it. I wouldn’t want to try it past about 25 feet, though.