When was the last time you Shotgunned a beer? (If ever)

I was thinkin’ ‘bout a great iconic film* Beerfest *while hangin’ out in the garage playing pinball, specifically the scene where Gil shotguns a brew at Phil’s funeral. Not sure why. It got me to wondering…

When was the last time I did that?

I was gonna do one tonight, just for the sake of… well, not sure…but didn’t get around to it. The phone rang, my wife came home and had stupid shit for me to do, I had to cook dinner. Must have been maybe 20 or more years ago. Fuck it! I’m doing one right after I post this! I hope I don’t regret it as much as the response in the fucking Altoid Tin thread. Those fuckers are nasty!

I don’t see the point, I enjoy drinking a beer not delivering it to my stomach as fast as possible.

I wouldn’t waste a good beer that way. I’ve never shotgunned one before. Not even quite sure how its done. (I know its drunk in one continuous chug) But how that’s done without choking is beyond me.

No point, other than for kids to get drunk as fast as possible.

Yeah, I just did it. I said I would. Popped a hole in the bottom of the can with the knife I used to cut tomatoes with for the tacos tonight. Funny thing is, I did it over the kitchen sink and my wife walks in mid-chug… :smack:

I said, “Its the Shotgun Challenge”! Haven’t you heard?" It’s the next BIG THING!"

I’m such a… something…

Only spilled a little on my shirt.

If you look at the superhero powers chart, you can see that Superman can fly, Aquaman can swim really well, Batman is dark and rich and I can drink liquids incredibly rapidly. I have shotgunned beers plenty of times and always won because it is mere child’s play. However, the rate of flow is still too slow even in the best case because the hole isn’t big enough. My preferred contest was always 16 - 24 oz in a large draft cup. I can finish either one of those in less than 3 seconds every time and sometimes significantly better. The only thing that interferes with the speed is the foam. It is just one of those weird skills that some people have. The first thing I do when I wake up in the morning is to fill up a 16 oz cup of water in the bathroom twice and drink both of them nearly instantly back to back. I sometimes forget that it freaks people out when they see it like it is a magic trick but it is legit and I have been doing it for as long as I can remember. I can make up to 32 oz of liquid disappear as fast as it can be fed into my stomach every time without interruption or gulping.

Never done it. Back when I would sometimes look to get blitzed, I would hit various concoctions 110 proof and better. Beer has always been more like a fine cigar to me; something to be enjoyed in a relaxed state.

I just did another one. Couldn’t do the whole can. Too cold! I vaguely recall inadequate dorm fridges the last time this shit was popular in my drinking circles. Might explain some things.

So, to recap: Haven’t done any in over 20 years, did 2 tonight for no damn good reason at all.

Yep. Monday night.

Well, I tried once, but I couldn’t get the can to fly well out of the launcher.

Thirty years ago, in college. I was the fraternity house champion beer chugger.

I’m a lot more subdued and a near teetotaler in my old age. :frowning:

Wow, the last time must have been back in college or maybe soon after. So late 90s? Actually I think we regularly did a down-in-one with pints (20 oz) of beer in the pub, from age 16/17 onwards. I was one of the faster drinkers but a couple of lads could just pour it down their throats without gulping. No idea how they did it (and at that age you don’t want to be asking too many personal questions) but it was really no contest if either were joining in.

Last time I remember doing this was 24 years ago, when I was a college junior. Did six in one evening. I might have done one here or there since then, but I don’t specifically remember any single occasion.

These days I only buy bottled beer for home-based drinking, so shotgunning isn’t even an option.

Never. But, just to be clear, “shotgunning” is the same as “chugging,” except that instead of using the perfectly good hole in the top of the can, you punch a hole in the can somewhere else and use that instead?

It’s probably been ten years or so.

Yes, but that’s an important difference. “chugging” requires air to move into the can through the same hole that’s delivering beer to you, which means it can take a while to chug a beer. With “shotgunning,” the air comes in through the factory-made hole on the top of the can, while beer flows out through your improvised hole on the side of the can near the bottom; this allows beer to flow into your mouth as fast as you can swallow. Chugging a beer may take 10-15 seconds; shotgunning can take 3-5 seconds.

Last year at a college football tailgate. It was just before kickoff, and we needed to finish the remaining beer.

A week after graduating high school, 20 years ago.

I’m gonna guess it’s been 25 years.

I’m in the rather small “never” camp, but then I can’t stand beer. I have tried it many times over the years, most recently last summer, and I just don’t like it.

I suspect even if I liked beer, I couldn’t shotgun it because drinking any carbonated beverage in any great volume and speed gives me massive chest pains till I can force a few good burps. And that’s just not up to my classy standards. :smiley:

Probably last done (and first done) in High School, late 1970s. I’ve had a bit of beer since then, but I haven’t had any desire ti try shotgunning again.

I enjoy beer too much to disrespect it that way.

However, I will compete in Irish Car Bomb drinking where the loser pays. I haven’t lost in maybe two dozen such challenges (typically on St Pats Day).