Woohoo! Got my Texas P.G.

I fully realize nobody but me cares, but I got my Texas P.G. in the mail last night. I’m now a licensed Texas Professional Geoscientist.

Shucks, it was important to me.

I don’t think I’m going to append those two letters to my last name - that sounds a bit hokey to me. But I’ll get the seal made up, and try to act like a scientist.

Well, during daylight hours anyway.

Hey, that rocks!

[sub]Get it? Rocks. Cause you see, geoscientists deal with rocks, and stuff.

I crack me up, I really do. [/sub]

You’re a ripper, Coldie. Thanks.

Someone call PETA :eek:

And congrats. How do I get one of those PG thingies?

Tapioca, here’s the scoop:

Texas Board of Professional Geoscientists

PETA? Heh.

That’s cool! Congratulations!


So are you just PG, or are you PG-13?

[sub]oh come on, someone has to make the obvious jokes.[/sub]

Congrats Ringo.

Are these going to be required by the state for some forms of work now?

Hey, I care! Many congrats on the PG, Ringo!
It looks like you just beat the grandfathering deadline, too! (I missed it, but then found out that I’m an “exempted professional” here in KY, so I didn’t feel to bad about being PG-less.)

Let me know how the PG changes anything business-wise there in Texas.

Remember, from now on you can use the immortal phrase: “Back off, man, I’m a scientist!”

Texas P.G., thinks me while reading the thread title. Hmmm. That could be Proctor and Gamble. What would Ringo want with the Texas portion of a multi-national conglomerate? He never struck me as a conglomerate type of guy. Maybe he means “Pregnant and Growing”. Perhaps he’s knocked up some Texas gal and completed his 50 state collection. His next thread will be “I’m moving to Puerto Rico!”.

Professional Geoscientist. That one never occurred to me. Sounds almost as cool as my second guess, though. Congratulations, Ringo!

Me neither. He always struck me as more of a fractured limestone type of guy. Or maybe sandstone.

That’s wonderful, Ringo! Congratulations!

As previously stated, he’s Texas PG. Some material may not be suitable for Texans.

When I saw this, I thought you had gotten Texas pregnant. I mean, that’s quite a feat!

Congrats on the new credential, Ringo!


Heh, pregnant. Thanks, all.

I’ll have to remember that rejoinder, gleeb.

And yes, I was aware of the grandfathering deadline. I’m actually surprised by the number of geoscientists I know who either didn’t bother or didn’t even know about it.

To answer your question, lieu, a license is now required to publicly represent oneself as a geophysicist or a geologist in Texas. There’s quite a bit of info at the link above. The Act specifically exempts private oil and gas ventures, thus many in the industry ignored the opportunity to send the state $200 and round up transcript and references.

I did it because: a.) I don’t know how iit will be interpreted and I work for a public oil and gas company, b.) even if they leave the oil biz alone, Railroad Commission dealings may well require it, c.) my boss handed my an application at the start of this year (hint, hint), d.) no matter how it shakes out, it can’t hurt my hirability and e.) now I can say, “Back off, man, I’m a scientist!”

The grandfathering period allowed those who met the educational, experience and reference requirements to get in without taking the exam. Is the exam difficult? Who knows? They haven’t given the first one yet.

And I am a bit fractured, with a few, ever so small, faults.

And thanks, Pantellerite, it is important to me.

Congratulations, Ringo. And I think you’ll find those two little letters will come in very handy in certain situations.

Congrats. You are now eligible for mild language and adult situations.

[Obligatory three chord guitar riff]


[/Obligatory three chord guitar riff]