Being sick in a dorm room sucks.

No toast, no soup, can’t turn the heat up, no crackers, I can make tea, but I’m too tired to, no one to coo over me, a comunial bathroom to puke in, HOMEWORK, no medicine, and I can’t get any until tomorow.


What a wuss.

Now being sick on a Navy vessel really sucks.

No toast, no soup, can’t turn the heat up, no crackers, can’t make tea – there is no eating, drinking or smoking in berthings – communal head (bathroom) to vomit in.

But I share a space (room) with 125 other chiefs. There’s constant traffic past my rack (Bed = 2" of foam rubber on steel shelf), the lights are on from 0700-2200, 1MC (loudspeaker) announcements all day, the rocking of the ship, the distain of your shipmates cause they think your faking, not being allowed to leave your bed without a medical escort – not even to the head!

I had an attack of diverticulitis on the cruise. I will not admit to being sick anymore – even if I’m dying.

long white white teeth, r, tooth::
[Original animated Dudley Do-right voice]

ha HA, little sickened floozy person! I shall call you after my beloved Nel. And there you are, too sick to move fast. Could this finally be the day it happens for me??
haHA, I am, of course, being rather humorous, if I do say so myself.
Fear not, sickly, loathsome maid- I am off to introduce myself to the tacky activity of snowshoeing-for-no-goddamm-reason-whatsoever with my four trusty gloopy, intertwining-themselves-around-and-through-my-legs hounds.
I trust it will be an experience to remember.

I shall report back of my mis-adventures as soon as I regain the smallest semblance of coherency!

No, don’t get up, Nel, I will smooch you here, from the door! (spits tenderly in her direction)


inor, you weirdo. I mean that in a very good way!

Sorry Chief, of all the navy personel I know, one is stationed in DC, one is a deserter, just hauled back in, and one just recently told me to fondle his balls. The last two are at Great Lakes. At the moment, I really don’t care if they suffer when sick, in fact, 'twould serve 'em right. You, on the other hand, must keep up your immune system with wine and wimin, because being sick on ship does sound like it sucks!

I’d have to agree with the chief, being sick at sea is THE worst. Especially when you have shipmates that hold up score cards (like in the olympics) to rate how much they enjoyed the sounds of your gut wrenching 15 minute vomiting “session”.
The only close second is taking care of your flu ridden kids while you suppress your own vomiting attacks as your head pounds.


Oh, screw you guys. I hope you all get explosive diareha. 'cept inor. He was nice.

Shall I mention I went rocking-back-and-forth crazy last night? That my period has been late due to stress and picks today when I’m at my weakest to appear full force? and I’m out of pads so I have to go to the store like 30 min ago? and unless I wanted to go naked, I had to do laundry today, when I could barely pick up the bag? But no, I should quit my whining because you had it worse, once. Well f*ck off!

I’d smooch ya again, inor, but you’d get sick. :frowning:

I would of course accompany you to the store if you had to go naked. It would be the least I could do, loathsome germbag or not.
I am now retiring to recount my snowshoeing adventures and shall advise you when they are ready.
I have just read Cervaise’ resurrected rant in the pit and must sit back a bit fanning myself.
The splendor…

Oh sweetie, virtual tea and toast. (or noodles, did your mom ever make you buttered noodles when you were sick?)

I hate being sick in dorms. Minor sick is even worse than major sick. (I’ve been major sick) Major sick and you can whimper parents and friends into taking care of you. Minor sick and you are on your own. Bleh.

Hugs and a warm clean blankie. Get better soon.

You know what really sucks? When half the dorm is down with the flu. Classes are cancelled, and they even have rez staff going around with OJ.

Then your disgustingly healthy roomie does one of those "Look. I can go out ::steps outside doorway:: I can come in ::steps in:: I can go out....."

 I hated my freshman roomie.

That's why I tormented him like that :D

I’ll sneak you some cybersoup, Relic.

I empathise totally, relic. Late last year I came down with the flu for about 10 days while living in a dorm room. Bad enough, but here’s the kicker–since there was no phone in my room, and nearly everyone else in the dorm was away for winter break, nobody actually knew I was ill, and I wasn’t feeling well enough to go get any food. I was afraid I was going to starve before, eventually, a friend wondered why I hadn’t been seen in days and stopped by.

Yeah, it stinks.

You know things have sunk to a really low level when you realize that you’re feeling nostalgia over being SICK (during the times when you had your Mom around to hover around and pamper you.)

And you had to go out into the world, AND do laundry, too? That reeks.

I haven’t learned how to make a virtual cup of tea yet, so you’ll have to settle for my heartfelt sympathy.

Hope you’re feeling better soon.

Sorry that your not well & especially under the circumstances.

<virtual foot rub>