I have Norwalk virus

I thought my girlfriend’s lactose intolerance was getting worse. Well, lactose intolerance isn’t contagious. At the hospital last night and this morning.

I generally have a low threshold for pain, but right now I’m about as miserable and dehydrated as I’ve ever been in my life. I really hope I can keep some of this Gatorade down…:frowning:

Been on any cruise ships lately?
Sorry for your misery.

I’ve never been on a cruise ship! And if this is a common occurrence, you can bet yer ass I never will. :frowning:

Between the total body aches and pains (including hair hurting), not knowing which orifice to place over the commode first, the constant headache, and finally considering death to be a reasonable and desired resolution of my symptoms, I can hardly wait for my next bout of it.

Redecorate your bathroom, placing the bathtub directly across from and close to the front of the toilet?

My trick has been to get in the shower, and just let it fly out of both orifices…

My father used to say if you were very sick you would be afraid you would die, but you would know when you were really really sick, because you would be afraid you would get better. When you are that sick death just seems so much easier than fighting to get better.
Hope you feel better soon!

Yeah, I’ve resorted to that. :frowning:

Well, now I guess I don’t feel quite as bad. I have a virus, but nothing like what you guys describe. I ache all over and have nausea, but that is about it. Oh and a runny nose.

Sending out a wish for a speedy recovery!

My cousin had this over Christmas a few years ago while visiting his folks and they had to rush him to the ER because he was so miserable and had so much abdominal pain that they were afraid it might be appendicitis.

In other words, I’ve heard it sucks royally. Feel better!

Sound like the end of my trip to India. :smiley:

This is why I keep a large mop bucket in the bathroom! Head over bucket, butt on toilet.

I mentioned on a message board about 5 or 6 years ago that I occasionally hosed off my [at the time very young goddaughter] after a diaper incident in the kitchen sink and kept a 5 gallon stock pot in the bedroom in case I upchucked and didn’t think I could make it to the bathroom, and had several people totally grossed out at the thought. I don’t know about anybody else, but a stainless steel kitchen sink and a stainless steel cook pot are immenently sterilisable :dubious::rolleyes:

The mop bucket is easily emptied, and bleach water sterilizes it nicely. I personally wouldn’t bath anything but hands in a kitchen sink, given that food is washed in it, but that is me. I’d rather have a bucket than a stock pot for puking. Larger opening, less chances of missing. Well, and I don’t want to remember the last time I puked while making a tastey stew either. :eek:

One time my father remarked that he’d have to rally (get better) to die.

My God, you guys are making gastrenteritis sound like a walk down Main Street!

Lol, oh yeah, for sure…:wink:

Feeling mostly better as of last evening and this morning. If I can make one interesting observation, it’s that you shouldn’t take Imodium on an empty stomach. Unless you’re curious what Seppuku feels like, then by all means go for it!

Nah - a trash can with a plastic liner does the job for a lot less money.

Oh - and my sympathies. I’ve only ever once had a “north AND south” stomach bug - a result, I think, of a bad meatball sub vs. a virus, and I was lucky in that things happened serially rather than concurrently. It was not a fun day, in any event.

Yikes! I’ve never even herd of this disease. How do I NOT get it?

**I have Norwalk virus **

Yeah okay. You live in Connecticut and you get snobby diseases. We get it. Couldn’t just have a common stomach flu like the rest of us right? What’s the next designer disease going to be, Scarsdale Dysentery?