Being single and loving it!

What is the BEST thing about being single? I can spend my money the way I want and not have to awnser to anyone. I don’t have to make my bed if I don’t feel like it. There are lots of things. But the best hands down is “I don’t have to anwser to anyone but myself”

Well, when I’ve been in relationships, I’ve never really felt like I had to ANSWER to somebody for my actions. But I did feel somewhat tied down at times. I know relationships require a time investment, but sometimes it just wasn’t what I wanted.

So the best thing about being single for me is that I have more time to myself, time to do exactly as I please and not feel like I am neglecting my partner.

I’m married and spend my money the way I want. The only time I make the bed is on the weekends or when putting on fresh linens.

I’m glad you’re happy you’re single but, based on your OP, you seem to have a pretty warped idea of what it’s like to be in a relationship.

I guess I just came out of a warped marriage so these things are fresh in my mind. I spent many years having to report to someone and now I am finally free.

Ick. That’s no way to live. I’'m glad you’re free.

Yeah I would get questioned why I spent so much money on groceries but he could spend $100 on pot. Go figure! I was not allowed to have any money of my own (even though I made more money then he did) I had to turn my entire paycheck over to him. I was miserable for many years.

I never make my bed. Ever. Not even if I’m in a relationship. Woe be unto she who tries to tell me I should make my bed!

I’m single, I just bought a house, I live alone, and I’m pretty happy about it. I don’t have anyone telling me how the house should look or not to walk around my house naked (trust me, nobody wants to see that) or filling every nook and cranny with little trinkets or hanging useless crap on the walls or… Oh, the list goes on and on. Just living without the everyday stresses of having to work around someone else, regardless of how much I might like that person, is a very comfortable feeling - at least for now.

Hm. I like not having to be particularly responsible and having a cubic buttload of free time. I think I’d miss that if I were in a relationship.

Besides, you still have to answer to your boss. :smiley:

Unless YOU are the one and only boss! :stuck_out_tongue:

Also enjoying total freedom. :cool: But I’ll toast to very good relationships.

Not to pick on you but what do you mean you ‘had to’? You’re not the first person I’ve heard say s/he has no control of her/his own money in a marriage.

How does this happen in the first place?

I don’t know how it happened to me…it just did. I remember when I first got married (within a month) he made me close my savings account. I just did what was expected of me. Trust me I was miserable.

Again, I don’t want to belabor the point, but how can you not know how this happened? How does someone make you close your saving account?

Forgive my ignorance as I’m really not trying to be mean. If you were in an abusive relationship, I’ll shut my piehole and stop bothering you.

Well he broke my jaw because I woulnd’t go to church after he had been drinking. And he broke his arm while breaking my jaw.

Hmmm…yeah I guess I was in an abusive relationship <gag>

JuanitaTech shuts her piehole, as promised.

entire population of SDMB roundly curses Isabelle’s ex-husband

Welcome back to your own life, dear.

Thank you! After 13 years of being a doormat I took control of my life and got divorced. I now raise 4 kids on my own with no emotional or financial support from deadbeat dad.

I am glad I am single!

Gosh, that sounds like a horrible situation you were in Isabelle. I am glad you were able to get out of it.