Being the last poster of a thread and then it dies

Choosy mothers choose gif?

gif relieves the pngs

^ When did Elton John grow a beard? :crazy_face:

I think he had a beard, from time to time. Just, not on his chin.

:: guffaw ::

You funny, but this thread is dead!

Ok. seeing as how I don’t seem to be having much luck in being the last poster,
let’s see if I can be the penultimate poster.

This thread is not 18 yet so I do not believe it is eligible for the death pool. And if it were you would not be allowed to kill it on purpose.
Some people never read the rules’ manual :roll_eyes:

RULES? In a knife fight? No rules!

Rule One: No poufters
Rule Two: No member of the faculty is to mistreat any other of the faculty (if there is anybody watching)
Rule Three: No poufters
Rule Four: Now this time, I don’t want to see anybody not drinking
Rule Five: No Poufters
Rule Six: There is NO … rule six

What’s a poufter, anything like a woofter?
Beards or no beards all are welcome here before the end of this thread.

Is automatically closing after 10,000 posts the same as dying ?

Nah. Death can creep up at any time.

Just ask Grandpa.

I gather Maggie is nearly an old maid by now ?

I think I heard she took up prostitution.

How would anyone know? She doesn’t speak, ever!

This thread is starting to remind me of my stab at the Celebrity Death Pool. If I cannot be the last at least I can make it immortal.

Or I can be the last poster and the one before last too.