Being ticklish

This one is for anybody out there to try and answer. I wasn’t sure where to put it, but it’s definitely at least quasi-medical, so I’m deeming it a general question.

First of all, it’s requisite knowledge to know that I’m overly ticklish. Everywhere. There is no place on my body that I can’t be tickled. Is there any way to stop this action or train my body not to be ticklish anymore?

No, but don’t respond to any emails from anyone named Terri DiSisto.

You can train yourself to not be bothered by tickling, just as you can train yourself not to be bothered by pain.

Instead of just going with the sensation, actively examine what you are feeling. We know pain is usually a bad thing, but if you actually look at what you’re experiencing, it’s just a sensation.

It takes a little while to develop the mental discipline to override your natural reactions, but it’s entirely possible. Please don’t permanently damage yourself trying though.

Ah, tickling… sometimes I love it, sometimes I hate it. I think a lot of it depends on your mood. If I’m turned on, being tickled feels sensuous. If I’m cranky, it really irritates me. And sometimes, my SO can try all he likes, but it has no reaction.

And, yes, I have been tickled to the point where I’ve lost control and pissed myself. I’m proud to say that I can normally retain water like a camel, but if my SO decides to ignore my screams and carry on tickling, he ends up fetching the mop and bucket. Serves him right :smiley: