Belated Weekly Comic Book Discussion 9/6/2007

Sorry, folks - had kind of a hectic week, last week. Wanted to throw this in so we’ve got a chance to chat about last week’s stuff before the new week hits.

I got a surprising number of Marvel books last week - Exiles, unfortunately, falls deeper into confusing territory.

The Black Canary Wedding Planner was a useless piece of fluff.

I picked up a whole summer’s worth of comics, after my self-imposed summer exile to the Catskill mountains.

Countdown # 44-34. I’m liking this series much better. Bart’s funeral was well-done. The Piper-Trickster, Ray Palmer and Jimmy Olsen storylines are definitely keeping my interest; Karate Kid picked up for me when he was referred to Buddy Blank; Mary Marvel and Holly Robinson less so. The backup “multiverse” story actually added some new information, though too much time was spent re-hashing events that took place in the last 3 years. Monarch I haven’t figured out yet.

Legion of Super-Heroes # 31-33. So, it turns out Mekt Ranzz actually framed Cosmic Boy for destroying the Dominator homeworld? Bah - give me a hero who can handle hard realities and moral dilemmas over “never kill under any circumstances” goody two-shoes. The Tony Bedard era so far underwhelms me, and I’m glad Shooter will supplant him soon.

Brave and the Bold # 5-6. Very nice Legion tale, brilliant use of the Challengers of the Unknown, and I loved that two-page spread with all the sci-fi characters displayed.

JSA # 8-9. Very nice character-focused one-shot stories.

JSA Classified # 26-28. Good stories - I like the Sportsmaster’s gambling issue, Jakeem’s education in a reality of super-heroic life (“Can you get me a new TV? I like those flat ones.”). It’s good to see Mister Terrific get a spotlight, though I’m not yet sold on the story.

I do like this interpretation of Tenzil, though. And it is nice to see ‘Little Jimmy Shooter’ back. I just hope he’s stopped using the 9-panel grid the way he did the last time… in small pieces.

Atom: Getting more and more effed up. Love it.

PS238: Tyler is gonna be in trouble after this. Moon Shadow… no more? Also, I think we just passed the ‘future’ part of the time travel plot.

Just like actual wedding planners! But yeah, it didn’t go anywhere at all, and kind of just…ended. Pointless, even for something that has every right to be fluffy.

I wonder to what extent your positive impressions are due to being able to sit down and read it all at once, rather than having to wait a week between each issue.