Belgian beers sneak up on you, man ...


Piraat Ale.

Gulden Draak.



That Belgian s#it sneaks up on you, man. Left the bar sober, and 15 minutes later walked through the door like I was in a whole different world. I’m so ashamed.

Tried Framboise? Kind of raspberry-flavored lambic stuff - I have to remind myself that it’s beer. And that it has alcohol in it.

I’m a big fan of Delirium Nocturnum, a delicious Belgian ale that comes in a big opaque ceramic bottle with a cork, similar to a wine bottle. THAT’s good drinkin’.

I’ve homebrewed a Belgian wit beer with honey in it - 9% alcohol, and damn, you can feel it. Whee! I’m bottling another 5 gallon batch this weekend. :smiley:

Palm is a rather potent Belgian brew. I’m partial to Duvel.

Need a hand in taste testing them ?

I keep Telling myself I’m going to bottle a batch this weekend, But I think my wife and kids are conspiring to prevent it. Mine is a Dunkel made with Wienstephen yeast. My guinness clone was OK but not as BRILLIANT!! as the real thing.

I like making trippels with cherry extract. Haven’t made one in a while, I have a duppel that I hope to brew tomorrow.
I brew three things – beligians, heavily hopped pales, and meads. Oh, and one pils a year during our short winter.


(sound of falling over)

Boy, am I relieved!

I thought you said Bears.

Jupiler - Les Hommes Savent Pourquoi
Stella Artois
how I miss Belgium. At least Interbrew bought Labatts here in Canada so I can get a wide variety of Belgians. Just not my much missed Jupiler.