Belief in [a] god as a signifier of sincerity or moral fortitude

But if he gets on the Supreme Court, who knows - maybe he can salvage his soul by ruling that rape victims have to carry their fetuses to term.:rolleyes:

But He only forgives THEIR sins. No one else’s. So it’s OK. It also gives them free license to abuse and actively hate everyone else.

Any fuckstain can mouth the magic words “I believe and so I am saved”. Actions count. Words are meaningless shit without action.

In this case, my problem is with the cowardice and hypocrisy. But, taking in the bigger picture, you’re right. These morons that say this shit never stop to think that THEY will be serfs too. They all think they will be the noble in the castle.


I’ve heard of the Moldbug, but I am not influenced by him. Never heard the term “Demotism” or any of the classifications you sputtered onto the page.

I am influenced by Hans Herman Hoppe, author of Democracy the God that Failed, but I don’t endorse everything he has said.

This line of thinking is not unique to Hoppe.

Will, I am not really following you. Are you saying something along the lines of: foolish Americans made a god out of democracy and now it isn’t working out. When will the scales fall from their eyes? I am just not familiar with your reference.

Is it something like that? What if the problem is Citizens United and generally the outsized influence of the American aristocracy? In this second case, democracy didn’t just up and fail, but has been actively attacked and undermined by anti-democratic forces.

How do you decide where the flaw is? Because if it is the 2nd case, it at least has the power to explain Kennedy’s retirement. “I thought I was a patriot, but then I dropped the historic turd that is Citizens United on the world and betrayed my nation. Time to hide my face in shame.” The Bible beaters just latch onto the wreckage, kind of like they did in the Dark Ages.

Neither am I.

So, you are against democracy. How do you feel is the best form of governance? How would you feel if that is not the form of governance you were given, and you were also denied a choice in the matter entirely?
In any case, to the OP, yes, absolutely. have said a few times on these boards that expressing religion is a form of virtue signalling. If we all agree that christians are good people, then calling oneself a christian means that they are a good person.

As it is certainly not the case that anyone who calls themself a christian is a good person, calling yourself a christian, or invoking god or any of the other trappings of using your religion to justify your actions is a completely hollow gesture.

On occasions such as Kennedy’s 9/27 interaction with Kavanaugh, I’m always reminded of Matthew 6, verses 5 and 6:

There are Christians who actually are good people*, but they’re not the ones who make a public show or claim that their religion ‘proves’ they can’t have done anything questionable.
*Speaking as an atheist who grew up reading the Bible and knowing a lot of Christians, both the genuine type and the ‘for show’ type.

Yeah, that’s one of the parts of the bible they don’t take a serving of in their cafeteria selections.

There certainly are good people who happen to be Christian. There are also good people who are not Christian.

Absolutely, and I’d say that any Christian who claims that the only way to be a good person is to be a Christian, is NOT themselves a good person.

Thank you for using “virtue signaling” correctly.

I’ve yet to see any correlation between claims of a belief in a god or gods and being a good person.

An exchange such as the one in the OP would immediately make me suspicious of the motives of both the person who asked such a question and the one who responded.

Why is it, that the worst bastards on the world, the Roy Moores, religious right bigots, child raping priests, so-called “evangelical” control freaks, etc, always have to yammer on and on about God??? They better hope he doesn’t exist.

… A political, moral and religious failure of massive, discrediting proportions. …
… The rejection of Christian teaching …
… under a thick layer of hypocrisy …
… Perhaps silence is the best option. …

LOL, by “everyone”, I assume you mean “the right”.

But even so, there is no public policy involved in a SCJ confirmation hearing.