sick to death of atheism vers god thing

Being a long time lurker of this forum I am tired beyond belief of all the threads that argue about atheism and belief in god. This has been done to death again and again! Surely it is time that those who believe in god(s) and the hearafter belong elswhere(that is - other forums). Please do not tire us more enlightened beings with your childish fantasies! I ask you, tell us more about your god! Anything, anything at all! From where do you get your thoughts? Does this god speak to you? Is it from sacred texts? Or do you just feel this? You see? Well, I don’t, and if you want a refutation of your pathetic thoughts - this is not the forum to counter your ridicioulus thinking, for faith and fanaticism are very closely related! Please, no more of this!
I come on to this forum to hopefully read others persons thoughts about all sorts, but not this rubbish about god or gods that do not exist (does Santa-Clause exist?). Please, moderators, less of it!

Not to play junior Mod, but this is probably better suited for the Pit. Also, in my opinion, at least, if you’re tired of threads debating whether or not God exists, it’s probably a bad idea to start a thread about the existance or lack thereof of God.

Wait…is the OP trying to be ironic?

When you’ve been around these forums as long as I have, everything feels “done to death.” What keeps it from getting boring is new posints of view and different arguments from both sides of the debates.

We don’t necessarily come here expecting to convert others to our viewpoint, but to excerise and expand our rhetoric and debating skills-- or just to have fun doing so. In real life, I wouldn’t express my views quite so boldly. This forum gives me a chance to learn “the other side’s” viewpoints, and to learn about issues from different perspectives. I value that.

If you feel you’ve been ripped off, then perhaps you should write an e-mail to Ed Zotti and demand every cent of that free back. :rolleyes:

WoodCM, why do you read those threads? Seriously.

If you don’t read them, why complain. If you do read them, exercise some measure of self-control.

About the only threads that I object to are ones that give out inaccurate information that can actually cause damage to someone – especially if the poster claims to be an authority.

Whilst I was typing my rant, I realised the contradiction. I tried to make up for it, but I obviously failed!

“Hitler was a fool!”

You say I should not complain? What measure of a person is it that says that? I may be an atheist, but I realise we live in a profoundly evil world. Self control? Stiff upper lip and all that? You dou not know me, and I do not judge you. You are in the wrong here(oh - I contradict myself again). I am am man who sees evil everywhere. I thing it is time I say these things. I smash into you clique, and you do not like it. Realise this, your priveleged existence(as mine) will not exist for ever.

This place isn’t a club for atheists. believe it or not.

WoodCM, what exactly are you on? Can I have some?

I did not say that this place should be a club for athiests, but since you raised the point, I think that beleivers(I presume you are one) are dangerous people. The people who sacrifice their lives (in comparison great numbers to ‘Christians’ (what a joke)), are also beleivers in God and the hearafter. I say ‘joke’, for what passes as christianity in the decadent west is in fact total sodom and gomorah. I say this as a total athiest and socialist-hater. Does the fact that I hate socialism disbar me from paradise?

No you cannot. It is not you fault. You have not the privelege that I have had. Life is not fair.

Feeding you is a treat.

WoodCM, this board is devoted to fighting ignorance. Your posts, on the other hand, demonstrate ignorance.

That’s painting with quite a wide brush, don’t you think? I know a lot of believers who i don’t consider dangerous. In fact, most of the believers i know fall into this category. Perhaps you don’t associate with enough believers to build a fair opinion of them.

There is no reason for believers to go elsewhere, this is not a non-religous board. Part of fighting ignorance is being tolerant and recognizing diversity, and perhaps (gasp) even trying to learn from it. If all of the believers were to leave this board, there would be a great amount of misinformation being bandied about, since there would be nobody knowledgeable enough about certain beliefs to answer intelligent questions. And yes, despite what you may think, there are intelligent questions that can be asked about religion.
Just because you or I don’t acribe to any particular religion doesn’t mean that we’re right, nor that we should close our minds off and refuse to learn about the beliefs of others. Nor should we fail to respect their right to have their own religious beliefs, for that would be truly ignorant.

Look, it’s really simple. There are going to be threads concerning religion, but you have a choice of whether or not to read them. If you don’t like them, then don’t read them. What point is there in complaining about the existence of something that you are not going to be involuntarily exposed to?

Actually I am an atheist, like you. I was just refering to your insistance that believers should get off this message board.

Just popping in, not to comment on the OP’s rant, but to express how remarkably strange it feels to see the name “Libertarian”.

You can’t be a socialist and an atheist? Is paradise some of rampant capitalist playground? Can you be an atheist and see paradise or a socialist and see paradise? Or are both ruling out paradise?

I’m confused. Good thing I ruled out paradise years ago (well unless we are counting the Maldives, cause they look like paradise to me).

Replying to agree. I thought that was you until I noticed the join date and remembered you’d changed your name.