Annoying "god talk"

Anyone else sick of reading all the spiritual garbage here? There’s a shitload of threads about religion which are rather boring and pointless. Why don’t they just make a forum for the Bible pushers and that’ll be that. MEBuckner told me not to flame them in the other forums, so here I am. And please… don’t come to my door with those little books…

You’re in the right forum, but you don’t have any links.

Here you go… I call itSpirtual Hoopla

It’s an important part of fighting ignorance.

A spiritual bent isn’t a sure sign of ignorance any more than a non-spiritual bent is a sign of knowledge.
There are many Dopers who hold rational sorts of spiritual beliefs. I find their input and conduct quite refreshing and generally insightful.
However, there are some total… In regards to these folk, those among us who are able and willing should do the best they can to fight ignorance.
Btw, perfect forum: flame away

Yes, yes. You are in the right forum for flaming.
All I’ll say is why does it bother you that people wish to discuss or debate spiritual issues? It might be boring and pointless to you, but not to many other members of this board. YMMV.

This is similar to complaining about how stupid TV comedy is – nobody’s forcing you to read or or look at something you find boring, pointless, offensive, etc.

However, another thing to consider is that even if you don’t believe in the various spiritual or religious views that others profess, if you do look at what they say, you might learn something. No, I’m not suggesting that you will be converted to their point of view, although I suppose that’s possible. But you may learn something about how people’s minds work and what kinds of motivations they have. It is always valuable to know more about the other sentient beings that you share the planet with and, unless you are a hermit, will have both important and trivial interactions with throughout your life.

So if I read these people right and then become a Bible salesman, will I make six figures? :smiley:

How hard is it to read a thread title and say to yourself “This is probably about religion and since I don’t care for that topic, I will avoid reading it.”

Seems simple to me but what do I know.

Here, let me push the Bible on you, starting with Job 21:3. While we’re at it, here, have some “little books”.

Oh yeah, you could just skip the religious threads. I personally like to seek them out at times, and at other times I skip them. To each their own.

Dear God, hi, it’s me, moriah.

Please don’t hold Adman’s attitude against him. He’s just a lost soul.

Judging by his handle, he’s in marketing, so please don’t hold that against him – he knows not what he sells. Amen.

No, no. Not marketing (a harmless, if pointless pursuit), but advertising (the sure sign that he is in league with the devil, himself).

I mostly skip the religion threads now, although when I first came here there were sometimes interesting things to learn in them, and occasionally there still is. But usually it’s like seeing another thread about abortion or homosexuality, I click the thread at my own risk, knowing pretty much exactly what I’m gonna see in there, and which posters will have framed the discussion.

The board strongly discourages witnessing, and it can only be in GD. And once and awhile some religious fundie nutcase posts something totally outrageous and we get a good Pit thread about him/her/His wink to have a bit of good ol’ fun.

Try sorting the Pit from the beginning of the board using reply-count, and look in the top 10-20 all time longest Pit threads for a couple of those, you’ll see people really like voicing disgust about a religious nut who crosses the line. Rest assured, the other posters mostly keep the “spiritual garbage” under control.

Personally, I find (some of) the religious/philosophical debates quite interesting, what I’m really sick of reading is all the political stuff, which is just boring and pointless; it wouldn’t be so bad if people didn’t clamp my head in a vice(vise) facing the monitor, remove my eyelids and inject me with potent neurotoxins, so my twitching fingers just have no choice but to click on the threads.

Oh… Wait a moment, they don’t do that, do they?

So… like… I don’t have to read the political threads?

I… don’t even have to click on them?

Why didn’t somebody mention this?

Well to be honest Kabbes was running a book on how long
till you noticed, and it was down to me or jjimm on who’d win.

To be honest we all thought it was kinda funny…

If everyone stopped complaining about stuff no-one is forcing them to look at the Pit would be virtually empty

Ah, you told him. Spoil all our fun why don’t you. :mad:

Dammit! I too am getting sick of reading stuff from people who are different than me. Can’t we have a board where those of us who love Morrissey’s second solo album can discuss it in peace?

Why do people do X? I don’t like doing X. People that do X are stupid.

I thought a person that does X is a skanky ho.