If a GD Religion Thread Were Not Hijacked, What Would It Be Like?

Consider the following hypothetical scenario: Someone starts a religion thread in GD, asking a specific question about Christian/Jewish/other beliefs, usually in the form of a hypothetical question. If Certain Members did not find it necessary to post, repeatedly, that any belief in religion is irrational, superstitious, fostered by the “priesthood” (fancy the Methodist “priesthood” fostering such beliefs) for their own financial and power benefit, hijacking the thread into an argument about their own beliefs (that religion is invalid, that is), what would such a thread read like?

As noted, this is a hypothetical question; you’re supposed to assume, for the sake of argument, that such a thing is possible. Regardless of how improbable you may find the idea. :wink:

Bible-study class?

There is a good chance that people might learn something. I know I always do; that is, until the virulent anti-religious contingent checks in. I might add, I am generally anti-religion. I just don’t see how shouting someone down accomplishes anything.

If it were not hijacked, and not filled with hostility (or with posters whose very names fill me with hostility based on past behavior), it would be a thread I’d be a lot more likely to read, and somewhat more likely to post to, thus making such threads more likely to be filled with a broader range of spiritual viewpoints.

What impresses me a bit more is how often a Pit thread can be hijacked by posts about religion.

Particularly lately.

It’s not going to happen. There’s no way a religion thread won’t be hijacked. There’s no evidence that a religion thread won’t be hijacked, and I’ve never seen a religion thread that hasn’t been hijacked.

Look, I’m sure you agree with me that threads about all other subjects are going to be hijacked, so why do you think a religion thread won’t. We both believe threads are going to be hijacked. You just think one less kind of thread is going to be hijacked than I do.



Huh? What does this stand for?

There is, was and never will be a god.

[crickets chirp, thread sinks, god is dead]

“I see what you did there.” I don’t. See what the other Captain did, that is.

“I saw what you did there” - a standup comedians’ cliché: “oh very droll”.

It’s the old “I just believe in one less god than you do” atheists’ argument. NDYSWHDT?

That’s the problem. Nobody else in Colorado is droll.

Are you drolling?

Of course not. They’d all droll downhill! :smiley:

There is precedent. The Duke of Wellington warned against the dangers of “creeping Methodism” infecting the British Army.


Religion is the most overdone topic on this board. Way too many threads on it. I quit reading them. Almost wish religion was either banned, or forced into a separate forum. Somebody starts a religious topic. The MAB attacks the God Squad. Somebody does a driveby cheap shot at Israel. Someone else attacks Islam. A random nihilist will wander in and get ripped apart in nano-seconds. Some fuckwit will pit one of the mods, probably Tomndebb. Same shit every time.

But if nobody hijacked religion threads, where would we discuss bearded sky pixies and the like? :wink:

Then can I have his parking space?