Bell ringing MMP

My friend gets a really cool honor this week; gets to be on the platform to ring the opening bell at the NYSE.
Pre-hijack questions:

  1. Other than a door, what bells have you rung?
  2. What cool honors have you received/done?

Bells - my mom didn’t yell for us when we were kids - she had a bell outside the back door that she’d ring when she wanted us to come a’runnin’. Even tho it was verboten, I used to ring it occasionally. We have a similar bell outside our garage door (or at least we did - I haven’t checked lately) and I’ve rung that. And of course, in the olden days, phones had bells instead of ringtones, and I set off my share of them :smiley: As for cool honors, I can’t think of any at the moment.

It rained all day yesterday and all night and it’s still raining. By the time I can get around to mowing the grass, it’ll be hip-high! :eek: But that’s a future worry. I’ll start my day by tidying up the shop so we can work in a bit more order. Once **FCD **gets back from his various morning errands, I’ll help finish the wiring.

I’ve also got to build a couple of meatloaves - one for supper and one for the freezer. And if I have any energy left, I may actually dust the living room! :eek:

Happy Moanday!

Up, caffeinated, and sheveled. Off to work.

I know you said other than doorbells, but…

We live in a house that is 145 years old. We lived here for about 2 years before I realized the thing that looks sort of like a skeleton key on the front door is, in fact, a doorbell that you turn to make it ring! I was like a little kid playing with it after I figured that out. I even made a video to send to my husband to show him, too!

This week shall be interesting. We are short one person and my boss is going out of town Wednesday on a trip that he already had planned.

Good Mornin’ Y’all! Up and already caffeinated, so no YAWN. ‘Tis 71 Amurrkin out, cloudy, and hyooooooooomid, with a predicted high of 83 and either mostly or partly cloudy for the day. TWPTB is bein’ willy-nilly on that. Today bein’ Moanday, I shall spiff da cave (actually already started as I have dusted bedrooms). Tonight is Vestry meetin’ at which we shall sup. We shall meet at a member’s home this evenin’. Thus OYKW is on his own to sup. Fear not as he has a wealth of foodstuffs on hand at da cave plus all kinds of takeout available. I could go over to the church house and pickup fallen limbs (dang pee-kahn trees) but probably won’t.

As to bell ringin’, I was the first person to ring the bell in the new church buildin’. OK, maybe it was not exactly and honor, cause I had ush duty that Sunday and that is an ush duty, but still I was the first. Plus also, I was the first one that got to say “bring out your dead” every time the bell went dong. :smiley: I spent a considerable amount of time on a farm owned by an aunt and uncle growin’ up. There was a bell that was rung to summons folks to come in when it was time to eat. I sometimes did that and loved ringin’ that bell.

Rumbly tummy says it’s time to feed. Then, onward into the day!

Happy Moanday Y’all!

I’ve rung church bells in a couple of places. You pull a huge rope to do it.

As a Brownie (junior branch of Girl Guides, British version of Girl Scouts), I got to ring the traditional church bells once- a set of those huge heavy ones where if you don’t let go, you leave the ground (especially at that age), which according to Wiki were cast in 1912. Also a few years ago I spent an evening ringing a smaller church bell as part of a weird walking play thingummy, which was also pretty cool, but not as impressive.

Having a decidedly fuzzy brain day- the meds I got for my eczema last week are pretty much working to clear up my skin, but unlike last time I took the stuff, this time the insomnia side effect is kicking in, and they’re playing merry hell with my sleep patterns, leaving me pretty well exhausted half the day. I was planning on heading to the tiny plant place today, but got as far as driving out of town then decided that nope, driving for an hour was just not a good plan right now, so went to the shops then came home instead. I can go on Wednesday, by which point I’ll be tapering off the meds, so it hopefully will be a bit better. It’s just annoying 'cos as well as the stuff I like doing, I need to go discuss things for this possible job (the person who’s leaving wanted to do a proper intro and chat about the place, to check I really know what’s involved and am OK taking over), and I don’t want to look like a flake, though they did say either day would be fine, just drop by next time I’m there…

Luckily that and revision are pretty much all I have planned for this week, though the fuzzy brain ain’t helping much with revision either. On the other hand, anything I can stick in my brain today will probably stay there.

My sis posted her first pic from Edinburgh - from a pub. Big surprise. :smiley:

Morning all.

Can’t recall ringing any bells right off the bat. I’ve see the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia, but they wouldn’t let me ring it, and I ran into a tree limb while playing backyard football at 11 and had my bell rung pretty good, but I don’t think they qualify.

Can’t think of any honors worth mentioning either–got the usual awards one collects over the years, but nothing of ‘stand up and be honored’ type. Guess I’m the sort that works in the shadows.

57F this morning, only going to 70 today, but should be back in the 80’s by the weekend. N.O.S. outside and the rain is gone.

Major project this week will be mowing, probably Wednesday.

Nut, hope medicine works and interview goes well.

Sticky Buns! Great story, stick around the MMP awhile.

Spidey, a friend of yours? At the NYSE? I predict disaster.

OK, everybody have a good week.

Happy Moonday!

It’s is wet, rainy, and chilly outside.
I finally broke down and turned the heat back on.
This entire week looks to be wet and it won’t get out of the 50s for the next few days.

As soon as I woke this morning my son was right there to tell me bad news. I thought something horrible had happened but it’s just that he had a date wrong and his Ethics Final is due tonight. He’s worried because he has no idea what to expect.

Other than door bells and dinger bells on counters, I haven’t rung any bells.
Which by the way, thank you very much for the earworm, Spidey. You’re on my list now.

I’ve finished my morning chores - vacuumed, cleaned the cat box, tidied the shop, loaded the dishwasher, and made the appointment to get our a/c serviced for the season. Now I’m waiting for **FCD **to come home so we can get back to work in the shop.

It’s miserable out there - I had to wear a hoodie!! BRRRRRR!!

“This is Elizabeth. My favorite! She made me deaf, you know.”

Today I celebrate my 72nd orbit of the sun. I think fried chicken and waffles at a local purveyor of same is in order. Then I’ll slip into a coma for an hour.

I received my Medicare card in the mail today. Thus has the United States government officially declared me to be an Olde Pharte. :smiley: Well, as of July 1st.

And now this…




Happy Birthday Cookie I hope you have a great day. Blurf. Just came from Publix where I got a hot sub. It’s OK I guess. Happy New Week.

ohhhhhhh I am getting angrier by the moment

So I want to call mdcaps. No number in the email, but there is an email address. I sent off an email and it comes back that the address is incorrect. I used THEIR link!
So I find the number and call, have to listen to too many minutes of bullshit, finally get the option to talk to a person and they are all in a staff meeting and not available.

I am worried that the email may be a scam, however, the email is in his account online.
So most likely, as per usual, the state of md is a fucked up mess of incompetence.

I shouldn’t be surprised, I used to work for the state.
Happy Birthday Cookie!

a) Quite a few actually. Besides being in a bell choir for a while I have had the chance to ring several large tower bells at various churches. A few were substantial enough that I could “ride the rope”. My favorite, while not the largest, was the one at Dollywood in celebration of a wedding there.

b) A few less of those and what I would call smaller ones. I got to drop one of the checker flag at Daytona back when folks actually cared about the races and not just the drinking. And I got to basically start several of the 250th Anniversary battles of the F&I War. None actually have a strong place in my memories though. One I would like though is someday firing off the starting cannon for one of the major yacht races like the America’s Cup or the like. Especially if they would let me bring my own cannon to do it with.

Chef!!! May it be fantastic and with many more to come!

**Happy Cookie Day!! **

It’s my cousin Connie’s b-day also. She’s 75. When did we all get so old??? :confused:

Lunch break. We pulled the last of the machine wires - all that remain are the wires to the plugs, and those are easy. When I was feeding in the last big bundle of big wires, my hand slipped and there was blood. Just a little cut on my left pinkie, but enough that there were drips of blood on the floor. The bandaid is all red, but at least it’s not dripping.