Belligerent covid patients frustrate ER personnel

For the life of me, I can’t figure out why people who have symptoms of illness (as opposed to chest pain or a broken limb) and who are Covidiots GO to the ER. I mean, if you’re so sure the Deep State medical staff is going to lie about your diagnosis and that your family won’t be allowed just because, why the hell would you go? Why not stay home and pop Ivermectin with a bleach chaser?


From what I read on Reddit, many people just don’t believe they have covid. They can’t breathe but it’s not from covid. It’s from this cold I had. It’s pneumonia from the pneumonia germ. It’s like when I had bronchitis that one time. It’s definitely not covid. Covid is a hoax.

I’ve been worried about you for years, but this COVID thing is the worst. When you retire, I propose a ginormous live, real-time, follow-along, Doper virtual retirement party/thread for you. A whole day of drinking, snacking, sharing dumb jokes, plans, photos, with laughter and, if necessary, screaming. A day of NOT being at work and NOT dealing with anything more stressful than whether to wear socks or not.

And also time to do nothing. Time to dawdle, take your sweet time, smell the roses or whatever you like to smell. I never had a whole lot of plans or stuff I wanted to do, and in retirement I spend a fair amount of time piddling around. I like it.

A vote in favor of the live retirement party! I’ll bring the non-alcoholic beverages!

Hubs friend has serious health issues, his lung capacity is somewhere less than 20 percent. He has congested heart failure which makes his lungs fill up with fluid. He smokes a couple of packs of menthol cigarettes a day. He’s been in and out of the ER and hospital on an almost weekly basis in the last couple of months. Of course he’s not vaxxed.

Every single medical person who has talked to him has told him that smoking any tobacco is really bad, but menthols are worse. Every single medical person in Yavapai county are quacks and idiots because he knows what’s wrong with him and it isn’t his lungs. !#@%&

Every time hubs says his friend is at ER or in the hospital, I ask the same question. Why the heck does he waste his time and taxpayer’s money to go and see those quacks?

Oh yes, knowing that you can take your time is sweet!

Here’s a map of all the Hospital exits and some brochures of funeral homes.

I always assumed the menthol flavored phlem tastes better when coughed up.

Chewier, too.

Do you WANT puddles of vomit? Because that’s how you get puddles of vomit. Guh.

I really wish there were an acceptable way to deny treatment to untaxed people. Or to make them bear the full costs of that treatment.

Of course, I’m a horrible person and would likely extend that to smokers, heavy drinkers/drug abusers, the morbidly exogenous obese, people who fail to comply with medical advice/prescribed treatment…

Cannot imagine what a challenge it must be for a caregiver to try to provide more care to an individual who takes no care themselves.

The standard of care for these “patients” should just be to give them a pamphlet like when Homer ate fugu…

You probably meant unvaxed people, right?

take one of the exit signs and replace it with “Level 1 Emergency Annex for Unvaccinated Covid Patients”.

Like “This Way To The Egress” lol.

Ha. I retired after 20 years as a Fed and I still consult. Retirement, etc just barely pays the bills.

Thanks to you and others for that sentiment and support. I plan to spend about 6 months on my front deck staring at Lake Michigan. There I’ll reswear my other oath, AKA “Elendil’s Oath”: Et Eärello Endorenna utúlien sinomë maruvan ar Hildinyar tenn’ Ambar-metta .

Then re-invent myself. Or not.

It’s not just covid that has me so stressed, I was burned to the bone before it hit, which is why I demoted out of medical management and moved to a site closer to home where I just do patient care and advise administration, when they ask me. It would have been a soothing, healing spot had covid not hit. But combining covid with lack of resources, lack of staff, lack of funds, an inflexible and rigid EMR which actually made work harder and even undid a lot of the systemic improvement I implemented for our patients between 2002 and 2017, there was no real healing, only harm reduction from the demotion.

I work with some great people, I enjoy taking care of the vast majority of my patients, and I still feel I do some real good here for them. But that’s not enough recompense anymore for what it costs me.

5 new covid cases today, half our previously fully vaxxed patients (who were 82% of our total patients) are refusing boosters so are now at higher risk for breakthrough infections, blah blah blah.

Next up: Meeting with the Dept. of Justice regarding a federal lawsuit. Hopefully those will tail off after I’m gone a few years. But this current suit goes back to 2014, so . . .

I hope you’ve enjoyed this fine whine.

Freaking spellcheck…

Any time. You bring the whine :wine_glass:, we’ll bring the cheese… :cheese:

One of my sisters was in a similar position in Jacksonville until her health became too much of an issue. That was long before anyone ever heard of COVID; this bullshit is making her glad she decided to go on disability!