Belligerent covid patients frustrate ER personnel

My ER Nurse daughter is exhausted dealing with belligerent COVID patients. This is not the infrequent nut case running thru the ER. These are routine patients who won’t accept a Covid diagnosis. They reject the diagnosis as part of a political plot. They reject the treatment and demand another diagnosis. They refuse to abide by the ‘NO VISITORS’ rule and demand that they accompany family members or friends who are being admitted to the hospital. The attitude, and language used, toward the nurses is insolent and aggressive. Many potential patients and visitors, ultimately have to be evicted by hospital security.

I don’t know what percent of patients fall into this category, but it’s enough to make her consider changing careers.

This has got to be infuriating!

One wishes one could tell them, “Well, if you don’t believe in Covid, then you must be fine!” and send them out the door.

It’s insane

The nursing subreddit is chock full of these stories, as you can imagine.

It really makes me wonder what red state and rural medical systems will look like going forward.

Especially after all the unvaccinated medical staff die.

In what part of the country does she practice nursing, Crane?

“Ok, you want another diagnosis … you’re stupid”

Her hospital serves southern Alabama and northern Florida.

The HermanCainAward subreddit posted of an effort in a new Telegram channel to call and harass hospitals and staff because “anti-white coronavirus death cult Vax nazis” are killing white patriots in hospitals.

Quotes: “Get your guns and band together”, “They need to be hung”, “We are in a WAR! They are trying to kill as many of us as possible.” “Hospitals the new gas chambers”, “Leave a name of a loved one or friend and the hospital where they were murdered”

Looks to have 333,000 subscribers

Yeah, my daughter says she is there to offer sympathy and assistance and that’s the way they respond. She is a very durable woman, but this may be too much.

I can’t fathom how she’s lasted this long. Hugs to her.

Only 333,000 to go to get to 666,000.

I have to limit how much time I spend reading the nursing and teaching subs, it gets to be too much for me very quickly.

I’m so tired of my anti-vax patients.

One of them has covid now, on top of severe comorbidities. My oath means I explored the possibility of getting him on monoclonal antibodies tailored for Omicron strains, or possibly one of the two new oral drugs just out for high risk folks. I was gratified when when the patient refused to consider those treatments. I have no problems letting him experience the logical consequences of his choices. If he starts to try and die I’ll ship him to the ER, since he wants to be resuscitated. MAYBE they’ll have room there. Maybe not.

I am so done. I am retiring in less than 9 months. I am burnt beyond recognition.

“I want a second opinion!”
“OK, you’re stupid and ugly”

I wasn’t going to be the one to say it.

While we’re at it, let’s also feel sorry for the security guys who end up having to deal with them.

Some patients can be frustrating. Usually, one can reflect that these patients are infrequent and most patients are grateful and pleasant. Sometimes, you can commiserate with colleagues. Most prefer to be diplomatic rather than involve security. Sometimes there are few options.

It is easier to forgive acting out when the patient is demented, drunk, discomfited, discombobulated or dolorous. It is harder when part of some pointless political statement. I get mildly annoyed when patients whip out a cell phone, start recording all the other patients in the ER who are entitled to their privacy, and get upset when gently requested to put it away. Patients have the right to great care. Your obligations are pretty modest. Everybody hates the long wait times. My condolences.

I try to imagine what life at work must be like for you, but I doubt that I can really picture it. I hope that you will be able to recover from all this, and enjoy retirement.

My job in the food stamp office was super stressful - but nobody would die if I made a mistake. Three years after retirement I still sometimes have disturbing stress dreams about that job. Despite that, I’m here to say that retirement is magical, you are finally going to have time to do all those things you wanted to do but had to work instead. You are going to learn what it feels like to be well rested which is awesome. You aren’t going to feel rushed to get everything done in your “free” time so you can go to work on Monday. I highly recommend it.