Belly button infection vs brain cancer

The belly button is fine. My brothers brain cancer in a glioblastoma. He got the sentence today. They say it is inoperable. They will be doing chemo and radiation though. They have a test trial they may enter him into too.
Wiki says 7 1/2 months is what you can expect from that diagnosis. He is in the Pharma industry and has good insurance and knows where to find the best care possible.

Thanks for the update gonzomax.

I have a sister-in-law who participated in a trial, at Anderson Hospital in Texas. Her cancer has not come back since she completed the rounds of the trial medicine. That’s been about six years ago. I hope things go as well for your brother.
ETA: she had lung cancer, not a glioblastoma.

He said they are going to put a helmet on him . I believe it is for the radiation. Because we are 11 1/2 months apart, I have pretty good insight into how he feels about most things but this has to be combination of why me ,depression and fear. We are realists and try to face things as they are. Could radiation and chemo make it go away ? Doubtful. but you never know. But our expectations are low.
He has lived an extremely healthy live. No weight issues, ate properly, never smoked, drank moderately and swam every day. This falls into the ,shit happens, territory.

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We’re listening.

Two of the guys I worked with in my last job had similar cancers of the brain - one got about a year and the other almost five years. The big difference between the two was one gave up and the other kept fighting and laughing as best he could. What I guess I’m saying is even when expectations are low, keep them as high as you can. Sometimes, for some people, that looks to make a difference.

And if there’s anything I can do ----- from giving blood (if possible) to sending a card or just some good vibes, feel free to ask. You got them.